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The last day according to christianity believe is the day of reckoning when Christ will come to the world and in other world called judgement day. Hawking's warning about the end of the world is nothing new by now. The bible warned long ago that the " end of all things is near" (1 Peter 4:5). The demise of earth won't transpire because of its warning ability to sustain life beyond.instead, the end will come with the long awaited rreturn of Christ. Mark 13:26-27, says; at tthe time people will see the son of Man coming in cloud with great power and glory. And he will send his angels and farther his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the end of the heaven".

We are however, living in the last days. Some of the signs are;



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I didn't understand your last statement,are you doubting that Jesus will come back to judge the Earth?
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This is the last days as Christians as there are now cases of sufferings, maltreatment of Christians and all that and as we have seen, it is only the Christians that stand strong are going to benefit from the successes of being in heaven. According to the scriptures, we were told that a time will come when brothers will go against brothers, fathers against children and mothers against the kids and this is what we are experiencing at this moment. It went further to state that during this period, the bad news that we hear is going to be terrible and believe me, we have heard much more at this point of our lives.

So, there is no last days as we are already experiencing it. The best thing will be to remain focused and ready to do the things that will ensure that we make heaven at the end.
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Are you insinuating that we are already in the last days because going by the happenings today it seem we are still in the process of getting there.
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I feel like when we finally make heaven and meet the one true God, it will all be bliss. Like every load has been lifted off of you and you'd be as light as a feather. No wonder others think we'll become like the angels.
I know for a fact that we'll continue to praise the Almighty. However, I feel like it is the final get away from all the things that we had to pass through on earth. It is like how you prepare for an exam months unending and then after the final papers, you are free as a bird to do all the things you've always loved to do.
The most amazing part of it is having to be with the loved ones. Friends and family. That is of course if they all made it to heaven. I also believe that that there are many things we don't know and understand just yet until the time is right.
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I think the Bible had said this that the things we do now,we know in parts but the holy Spirit will come later to teach us everything which I think the time is yet to come.
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The last days as we were made to understand, that people will become lovers of themselves. Meaning that they would become self-absorb to the point they would be less compassionate towards their fellow men,because whatever you do for your fellow man, you do for God. And this is evidence this day as we see people are only concerned about chasing after money and material things, forgetting that there's God. They now love money more than they love their fellow men to the point some are willing to do so at the expense of them, which could be by killing them for money ritual, scamming them from their hard earned money, not minding if they are suffering, and many other things that show they are heartless towards their fellow men

 Another remarkable sign of last days is the chaos that would pervade the earth. We can all see the various forms of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc. And terrorism would also be a thing that would be rampant as it is today.
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