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Being able to remove snakes out of equation and reduce to zero percent the death toll caused by snakes is very interesting. 

I would like to live in a country without any snakes. 
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There were once found a snake in a car here in New Zealand which imported form Australia and since snakescan't live here, they brought it back to its origin country.

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Snakes are very dangerous animal which have killed thousands of people especially in the tropical African countries. In my own backyard at the village, snakes always sneaks in and swallow my hen's eggs and even swallow some of the little chickens.

So, if it's possible to have a part of the world where there is no snakes, seriously I would like to reside in that part of the world and if New Zealand is such country, it's something very exciting and interesting as well as intriguing in my opinion.

Even though taking snakes out of the ecosystem would affect the food chain, I still would do it if it's in my power to make snakes go into extinction because they do more harm than good.
Let me not say the good thing about snakes that I like, personally I enjoy eating snakes as meat.
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There are some other countries too that doesn't have snakes that includes Ireland, Hawaii, and Iceland,maybe because of its cold temperature they can't live such cold country.
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Oh really never knew about I wish I was from that country because that reptile called snake scare the shit out of me. I can't just stand them no matter how small or harmless they can be. We have so many of them here in my country infact different species, sizes and colors and they don't mind living in one's home mostly at the rooftop for years.

They are almost every where here and some part of my country actually eat them and used them in preparing dishes which I always find very weird and surprising too because in my own part of town we don't eat snakes and it almost like a taboo to eat it. It will be my pleasure to live in  a country devoid of snakes like Zealand because I can never feel comfortable with a snake crossing my path let alone playing with them.
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I never knew this one too not until I move in here four years ago. And I like the fact that there is no snake because in my country there is snakes too and they sometimes come inside in our house.
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Interesting! I've hearing about countries that doesn't have snakes but I never knew New Zealand is one of those countries. Unfortunately, me living in a country of such would not in anyway be determined by the absence of snake. If it were to be before, I would have found such a country a perfect place to stay, but presently, there is no single animal I am scared of.

The truth is, previously I used to be very scared of snakes specifically when I was younger. Back then, by mere seeing a snake in documentary used to get me intrepidated. This fear was actually created from the perception I have about snake, that it was the animal that made the first man and woman on earth to rebel against God, hence it was through it sin entered the world. This perception, coupled with its creepy nature was why I was very scared of snake.

Thankfully, I am liberated from such fear because I now have the knowledge that all the animals on earth are under my dominion. For this very reason, I wouldn't mind if there is countless number of dangerous animals including snakes in any part of the world, I would still be an inhabitant of that country.

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