It's a time for season of celebration what this mean to you?
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Christmas holidays is the time for reminding us the birth of our salvation bringer who is Jesus Christ. 

It's a time we know that God loves us to much. 

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As a Christian the Christmas period is the time where Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.The same way we feel happy about getting to a new age and we celebrate for seeing our new age and feeling happy for coming into the world to contribute our own quota to humanity, it the same way we celebrate Jesus Christ for coming into the world to redeem us and reconcile us back to God.
Celebrating the birth of Jesus always remind of the reason for the season which is us reflecting on why he was a period we show appreciation to God for sending his only begotten son in form of a man to come dwell with us and make us haveb better standing before him as our God it really a period to show love to one another just as God shown us love by giving us Jesus Christ.
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God did a great thing because of the love that he has for us which is to send his only son to come and die on earth for our sins. I believe that it is a time to celebrate his birth. 
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Christmas is everything to me. I have come to see Christmas in a different light unlike how I used to when I was younger. Christmas is no longer all about celebration and the merriment to me, but a season of thankfulness. Any time Christmas approaches, what comes to my mind is all about the significance of Christ's birth. It often made me to be filled with uncommon elation of reverencing my God for the favor He did for me, by sending Christ to the world during the period when it seemed doom and gloom for Christiandom.

This seriously got me wondered, what would have happened if God didn't send his only son Jesus Christ to the world to die for my sins, thereby reconciling me with my heavenly Father(God)? What would have happened to me as a condemned sinner? It would have been over for me.

Now you see the reason Christmas is no longer what it used to be to me, because I now understand better what the season is in its true essence of what it means.
Therefore, Christmas to me is a season of joy in knowing Christ was born to die for me, hence redeemed and saved me from the impending destruction of the world.
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When it comes to my religious beliefs and faith, Christmas is a special season when Christians remember the birth of their lord and personal savior Jesus Christ. All over the world, Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December each year and they always take the birth of their lord very serious.
Personally, I take Christmas very seriously as well and it's a great experience for me and my family because it gives me the opportunity to stay away from work and spend quality time with my family and friends. It's specially reserved as a period of holidays for me because I have ample time to travel a lot and enjoy myself. I'm already looking forward to enjoying this upcoming Christmas season that is just one month away.
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The Christmas period is a time that we always use to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus. This is a period that Christians always use to reflect on what the birth of Christ means to the world and that is nice. I have always looked at the good ways that his birth has helped to show us that the Lord is with us no matter the situation that we find ourselves.

There are people that use this period to buy new clothes, new shoes and other accessories that makes them stand out and I perfectly understand the reason it is like this. You know that this is a time many families tend to go back to their villages while celebrating the time that they have been away. In Nigeria, it is a big time for us as you always see the need for us to keep doing the things that bring unity and love to us as a people.
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For me, Christmas season is just a holiday. A time to relax and unwind and do all the things on my to do list. There's definitely this atmosphere of celebration that comes with the period. People become happy and joyous and you'll see merriment everywhere all around the world.

Just like many other people, I just take advantage of that time to rest from all the busy times all year through. It becomes as quiet as I like it because most people in the city travel back home to be together with their friends and families.
It is all peace and serene for me. Time to reflect, make plans and enjoy my solitude. So because of all that, even though I do not celebrate Christmas, I always look forward to the season every year. It is all fun, peace and joy in the air.
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Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I enjoy decorating my house and wrapping gifts. I love seeing the joy on my families face. Christmas dinner is always my favorite because I have the children assist with the meal.
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Christmas holiday is a holy season when Jesus our savior was born to come and bring salvation to us. It's a time for remembering our friends, relatives and the needy in the society. A time for celebration of new life in Christ. 
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