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asked in Business+Finance by Patron (2,840 points) 2 9 27
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I haven't been paid by the site. I am here, actively posting to know what will happen to me in a month. I want to review the site in my blog. For me, this is a good site so it needs an honest review. I should try it myself.
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I have not been paid by this site yet.  I haven't been here very long; less than a month.  But since others have confirmed that they were paid, I am looking forward to to my first payment.
replied by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
This question has been asked several times in the past. I have posted payment proof from the site and I have now been paid twice on the site. I also know one other person who reached payout on the site and has been paid. This is an excellent site and has added more ways to earn money since I joined on here. I did a review on a blog site for this company and I find it a great site to be on and very reliable for payment. They paid almost immediately if you are a good person and don't post crappy comments or repeated comments on the site. 
replied by Patron (2,464 points) 2 10 27
I haven't been paid yet but I'm well on the way. At first I thought it was too high but now I am happy with it. It has qualities that other sites with lower earning thresholds don't have so I realised I should quit moaning, concentrate on posting thoughtful answers and just enjoy it.
replied ago by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
I rather enjoy this site and like the new ways, the site has offered to help people earn. This also increases the answers given on the site and allows others to express the way they think. I enjoy helping others and answering their questions. I might not have time each day to come here, but when I do I enjoy the site and answering and helping out people. 

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I joined answeree two days a go and up to now am still working hard to reach minimum withdrawal limit. After that I will request for payments and see if it's a legit or a scam. But I have been reading it's review on Google it has a good review about payments. So it is my hope that I am going to earn something good to boost my finances. Maybe others who have been earning on this site can tell us better.
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Hi.Since it is my first time in here iam looking forward to see and earn so i get paid.I read other blog that this site is paying and also i feel comfortable now because of the review.I know that it takes long time to wait and earn and i must work hard to it in order me to be paid.Thanks for the question
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Hi. So far I have not received my first payment, I still need a lot for that. But I know it's not impossible. I have read in google quite a bit about this site, and I have found that they do pay. Not just one person, there were many people who said this. Personally I believe it.

Their payment system is interesting, because you have to answer many questions and expect your questions to be well received. You must be constant, and it seems to me that it is not impossible because there is a user who has been active for one month and already has many answers!
replied by Patron (2,936 points) 2 3 12
I'm new here and I'm yet to receive any payment but I will soon find out because I'm working out to get my first payout here.

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