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Please, if you have already worked with this website let me know how much the website gets and if you pay tax on the cash earned (if Yes, how does it work?). Thanks!

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It appears that you are an independent micro worker or what you might call a freelancer. You will download and install the app on your phone. Inside the app are different micro jobs or tasks that you can complete. You'll select the job you want, complete the task and the client pays you when you're done.

On the other hand, the company has fixed rates that they charge people to post their jobs. For example, a handyman job is charged %50 an hour to post it on the job board. You are only paid $35 an hour to complete this task. This holds true for any other job listed on the app. The company is paid by the client and posts the work on the work on the app. You accept the job at the pay rate indicated on the app. Once the job has been successfully completed you'll receive the money according to the pay rate and how many hours you worked. The company has already taken their cut when the customer posted the job on the app. Therefore, you are being paid the hourly rate for the job without any deductions or taxes take out. You are an independent contract work and will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings and paying your own taxes.

Apps like this don't have any type of health benefits, insurance, or tax deductions. You basically work for this company at your own risk and hopefully, you won't get hurt on the job. Because if you do, there is no compensation for this.  
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