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Real Madrid suffered a 3-0 loss against Ebiar in La Liga for the first time in history, which adds to the run of bad form they have thus far in this season.

Will Real Madrid be relegated this season? 

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You and I know that Real Madrid can not be relegated. Personally, I don't see that happening. As for those praying for that to happen, they are only wasting their time because Madrid is a club beyond relagation. Even if it would take the club president to fire and hire ten managers that will keep them in Spanish top flight, he would do it.

But as at now, it's too early to be saying Madrid would not finish in top four place. Although they lost their last match to Eibar, but that doesn't mean they can't bounce back and have a wonder run of winning streaks, just like they did with four matches in roll when the new coach was hired on interim basis, before they lost their last match.

I don't see Madrid not playing champions league football next season. They have all what it takes to survive their present inconsistent result they are having.
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Off course not. Just because they're struggling at the moment doesn't mean they'll get relegated.

Real Madrid has played a total 13 matches like 20 other teams on the league and ranks 6 with a total 20 points to show. By all standards, this is not even close to considered as a team heading for relegation. And besides, it is way too early in the season to start talking about who's going to be relegated or not. There's over 20 weeks of play for any lagging team to get in form. Teams like Huesca who just got promoted from LA Liga 2 should be the one's worrying about relegation at this early point because their performance has been really poor with less than 6 points to show since the start of the league season.

Personally, i don't even think Real Madrid is playing very bad. Maybe they haven't met up to their team's reputation, but every team faces struggles like this once in a while. It's the same thing with my team Manchester United. We are also having a hard start like we haven't experience in more than 20 yeras. It's quiet normal as no one or team can remain champions all the time. This is how new champions emerge.

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