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For someone who is looking at learning more than one language, do you think that using only Google translate would be enough? 
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I don't think so. This is especially true for grammar. Better install any language learning application on your phone. But app can't explain the nuances of language. I like studying grammar with a teacher. And you can learn words using apps.
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If you write a correct grammar,yes they can translate it perfectly, but if it's on wrong grammar,it's hardly to translate the correct way.

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I will agree to an extent that we can still use Google translate to learn a new language but this might not just be enough.By the way I believe there are even better ways to even learn a language better and faster than Google translate.

The best way for me is listening to native speakers of the language,so as to learn appropriately how the words are pronounced .

It good to study the language almost daily try to watch, read and write in he language alot, if you can visit the language's country better too to get acquainted with the language.

Use other resource online like Duolingo, living language, BBC languages, livemocha, living foreign services etc

You can also watch videos on tutorials of the language you want to learn about.
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The challenge of having to listen to native speakers is that you may not have the time always to do so. However, I feel that it is a much better option than making use of a language translator.
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I don't think it is good to use Google Translator to learn another language because while learning a new language there are basic rules and knowledge you must know so that your level of assimilation will be faster than using Google.
Sounds and pronouciation are very important in learning a new language because of homophonic words,  the Google Translator that I am very familiar with doesn't have the pronunciations features in it which is very important.
Google translator in my opinion is very good to use online to translate other languages for your effective communication but not necessarily for learning,  no doubt the Learning process through will be very slow because you may have to translate each letters to words then to sentences.
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Absolutely not. This model was not designed for language learning purposes. Google translate is specifically designed for translating webpages which can be used to suit the visitors language preferences. The system lacks the basis and proper conventional and non-conventional methods of learning a new language. And besides, Google translate isn't a platform or website with a landing page which can be visited and used as pleased. This is the more reason why it can't be used to effectively learn a new language.

Learning a new language doesn't only involve translating foreign text to understand it's meaning, which is the operations of Google translate, it's about learning from the scratch. Understanding the fundamentals and basics like a, b, c, the way we learned English from the scratch. I don't think Google translate is able to teach from this perspective.

However, Google translate can still be used for reference purposes and will come in handy in aiding to brush up already learned terms and words. This is the only way I think using Google translate will aid in learning a new language.
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One thing with learning a language is the need for us to do the things that will bring mega success to us at the end. You can't say that you have learnt any new language when you are unable to translate some of the idiomatic expressions of one language to the other and this is where we can say that we need to keep doing things that will assist us with learning a language.

As far as I am concerned, the Google Translate will only assist any one to an extent to where they are able to learn some simple words in one language and not about being a better user of the foreign language which is not really nice.

There are better ways such as registering on some nice language learning sites that will help us to improve on speaking some languages which is pretty nice as well.
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Google translator can help you to do a few quick translations in order to understand what is written. However, if you want to learn another language the only way to actually do this is to study the language. You can also go live in the country and learn from the people that are around you. The conversation part of the language can be easier than learning to write or read the language. 
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I do not think it good enough to help language learning. And I can't even prove it using simple logic. Google Translate can help with individual words, not with phrases. It can't even give me a contextual greeting in Spanish. WordReference forum does better on this. 

And most importantly start speaking language instead of learning it.

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