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So the other day we had this long dwell on words which led to series of replies on this topic, why any husband, man, boy, shouldn't ever raise a hand on any wife, woman, girl, respectively in an attempt to hit or beat them no matter any given situation or circumstances. Well, i would say that we had a very compelling debate leading to many points being made on every side's perspective. I agreed with almost every perspective of those involved in the debate and further stated an additional point which was aimed at given reasons why some men unfortunately result to the unacceptable behavior of beating their wives or women. That didn't go down well with most commenter as they thought i was trying to justify the act. I wasn't trying to justify the act, i was only trying to make them understand the state of mind of those men and what drives them in resulting to the act of violence. Anyways, one commenter made it clear that no man who claims to love a woman should ever even nurse the thought of violence towards her, instead show care and understanding to her in any given situation.

Drawing from the above, i would say that this particular topic and it's picture speaks everything and more the commenter was trying say. Hence, my poetic description will be that no matter how bad it hurts a man to be with a woman, a man is expected to always give it everything his got even if it means taking a part of him to make her full.

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Basically, I love the representation of what the above picture depicts. It speaks volume of what's missing in the life of many couples this days. We no longer have couples who are generous with what they have, especially the emotional side of things, which makes them to have the erroneous notion that woman can only be made faith to you, when you give her materials things. This assertions in nothing but a lie from pit of hell because woman need more than just physical gifts.
Oftentimes than not, they need what these men in their lives are not willing to give them. What these women need are emotional support. They need someone that can make them feel complete, which could be through hugs, caress, affections, cuddling, romance and every other sweet things that make their minds soar.

Personally, the poetic description to the picture above is talking about the willingness of a man to let go his egocentric self, by making the necessary sacrifices and compromise, just to make sure the woman in his life feel complete in all ramification without having the feelings of being deprived of any emotional needs.
Honestly, until men learn how to go out of their waey to make their women happy, there can never be true faithfulness on their part, because they would always find one way or the other to get these things outside of their relationship. And so, if you really cherish your relationship, and you don't want your partner to cheat on you, give her a part of you.
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This is word right here. I believe this should go both ways for couples in a relationship. 
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Yeah, for sure. But what I have observed is that we men have the absolute power to dictate what happens to the relationships we are in.
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From his thoughts he shares his love and with her heart she receives it gladly, not knowing that there are so many parts missing in him. He is incomplete to begin with and she has made herself incomplete by giving away her heart to this mechanical being.
His thoughts of love have no emotions of love and her emotions of love do not match with his thoughts.
The hand that he extends is so tied up with the busyness of work, that he has no time for her heart and emotions,
Her longing for his love has drained her of emotions and she has learned to live the robotic life that he lives.

The light that shines into their life only serves to show the distance between them, not their closeness. It shows their differences not their unity.
Its a mechanic life.. Looks colorful from outside but empty inside.

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