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i don't know about black hat seo. what is black hat seo and how to do black hat seo

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Black hat SEO means simply doing certain malpractices to rank on search results by overriding search engine rules. In earlier times black hat SEO techniques were more prevalent as search engines were not smart like now. Now the term black hat SEO too became something useless to talk about. Because search bots are enough  smart to know relevant, unique and useful to user contents. The algorithm of search engines have developed a lot so that no human validation is needed for getting correct results on SERPS.
The older black hat ways to rank were building back links by paid means or by trading link each other. Link farms or content farms were also used before Panda update of Google. Building a group of blogs or websites with 10 or 20 posts were also used for these content farming techniques. But after the Penguin update these backlink techniques also won't work.
The best way to make rankings for an authority website is to make usable content for the visitors. Don't repeat similar phrases or sentences several times on a page to make 1000 words. Just write the useful content, whether it be 100 words or 1000 words. Don't stuff keywords. It's not useful at all. Don't repeat the keyword in every sentence.
Black hat tricks are for short term spammers not for a quality blog seeking SERP traffic.
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Black hat SEO is doing illegal means of search engine optimization or fooling search engines to get better page ranks on search results. Usually, these tricks are short life and will be terminated by search engines by an update of their bots or algorithm. Better not to go for black hat SEO tricks if you are on making benefit of your website or blog on a long run. Most probably spammers with deep niche content are using these illegal tricks as they are not bothered about future rankings. Instead, they will make the most out of their pages in a short time.
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Black hat seo means use of unethical methods to promote your website, which simply means cheating / tricking google and other search engines to achieve higher search engine ranking and usually attain high serp ranking fastest possible, but once google identify your trick, they will ban your website from their serp ranking for ever.

Although they give chance to prove that you are not tricking serp by means of requesting them to reconsider their penalty, they rarely remove penalty.

Hence its always best to use ethical seo techniques to promote your site. Ethical search engine optimization techniques takes time to show their effect / improvement, but whatever improvement is there is usually permanent and keep on improving further.

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There are two types of SEO or search engine optimization. One is white-hat SEO and the other is black hat SEO. White hat SEO is legal way of getting noticed among the visitors and get traffic while black hat SEO is the illegal method of getting a site known.

Our big brother and search giant Google never recognizes black hat SEO. It is not at all advisable under any circumstances.
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Blackhat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a type of rule breaking of google's search engine optimization. Using this trick you can make your website to be shown at first page in Google Search Engine; however if caught by Google, your site will be blocked by google forever.

BlackHat SEO will show your website in first page for one day, and then you will be in trouble because Google will caught how come your site got much popularity to reach first page?

Next if you missed to keep your site on first page by some reason, Google system will alert that your page ranking was fake.

Keep yourself out of this trouble and do not use Blackhat SEO.

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