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Work from home without registration fees.

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There are littery thousands of opportunities and online these days to earn a passive income at home. You can choose from GPT (get paid to) site, PTC (paid to click) sites, taking surveys, working as a virtual assistant, working in a home-based call center, answering questions, writing reviews, freelance writer, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, there are a variety of apps available that can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. You can earn money back for shopping, becoming a mystery shopper, take surveys, play games, download games and apps to name a few. 

Any legitimate site that offers work at home opportunities won't charge a fee to join the company. However, once you're in the program and earning, some sites will have an upgrade option. You can pay a monthly or one-time fee to upgrade your account. The PTC and GPT sites are normally the ones who offer this upgrade. The upgrade is to offer you more opportunities to work online and earn a higher rate on the jobs you do on the site or app. 

Before joining any website and trying to earn money from this site it is highly recommended that you do a search online and read as many reviews as possible. Try to find a current review on the site because it will give you the best details about how the site works, what people say about this site, how they pay, and other important information about how you can earn money from this site.

Here are just a few sites that have been around for years and that have always paid people for the work they do:

  1. Inbox Dollars they have a US and UK site that you can join. This is a GPT site that has surveys, offers, and downloaded.
  2. MyLot is another site that you can start a discussion or comment on other discussions to earn money.
  3. Beermoney Forum is a forum site that pays you to participate in the forum topic and creating a new topic.
  4. Cash Show is an app that can be downloaded. The app pays you to join in trivia games. If you'll earn money from the app for the questions you answer correctly.
This is just a few of the possibilities that you can work on at home to earn money. Here is a website review site that lists or gives reviews about other work at home possibilities. This is an excellent site to find out a lot of information from and read how you can make money. The site will tell you if the programs or offers are legit or a scam.
Good luck, it is hard to post a lot of programs on here because there is so many online these days to choose from.

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There are lots of earning opportunities on the internet but its hard to know which one is legit and won't scam.What I can advice you is that you stay away from PTC sites since they easily scam members and you might take long before cashing out.I'll suggest you try:

  Forum coin- it pays less only 15-20 cents daily but its one of the most comfortable have ever known.

  Beer money forum- its also a PTP sites but very strict in need also some other related PTP sites are (postloop, the forum wheel and paid forum posting)

  Earn that buck forum- this a forum like the rest but more like bmf its still new so am not sure whether its paying or not although am yet to cash out.

  Also you can try transcribing jobs and these are the sites, humanatics, Rev, scribie,among others

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Working online is just like working offline, you have to have the reqired skills to do the job. That's in case you really want to make money and not just get few cents frm paid-to-click websites. You can work on paid-to-post websites like postloop and The Forum Wheel where you'll be asked to make posts and threads in different forums and you'll collect points which you can exchange for cash. The forums require you pass a test first. But there are other forums where you won't be tested. There's BeerMoneyForum, ForumCoin, EarnThatBuck and Digital global. They're all legit and they're all about making money online. You can also work for Appen or Lionbridge as they offer many job positions and they're all remote. You can also work as a transcriptionist for Rev, TranscribeMe, or GoTranscript.
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I am working on one forum called Forum Coin. By only staying on that site, I learned different online sites but those sites, even Forum Coin, do not promise to replace your salary. They earn slow and low. It is just an extra. Forum Coin has been on online for quite a long time and this site has never failed to amaze me for being kind to the members. I think this is one of the strongest forum sites I know, besides Mylot. One could earn 0.15 dollar a day, because the site has a limit in posting for normal rate, after that you can still post but with bulk rate. However , you earn more if you post on the article thread, which cost you 0.5 dollars. I am also working at Humanatic but due to limited time I can only earn $4 a day because I need to sleep for my offline job. Humanatic is a call review site.

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