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I want to learn the technique to know whether people are lying or not while in conversation. How to know this?
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If the other person is not looking at you when talking and the more he talks the more he blinks, plus some perspiration even with no movement prior to talking, then he is lying.

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People use many different facial expression when engaging in conversation. Some believe that the same emotional facial expression is universal between people. A study was done in 1990 by Silvan Tonkans and concluded that the facial expression deal with the emotional state of the person. You'll need to spend a bit of time studying different facial expression in order to understand them. This way you can learn to recognize the 7 most common facial expressions. Afterward, you will start to understand how facial expression work and be able to identify and recognize other facial expressions. Here is a great article about the different facial expression with images and details about what to look for. Study these images and try using them next time you are speaking with your friends.
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If you've learnt literature you'll be able to tell that.Besides that psychology is the main thing that you need to learn first because you can be able to read someone's thoughts.

I think you'll be able to learn psychology online if you're able to get the right books despite of it being a wide topic .Still you can take an offline course of like 1- 2 years and from there you'll be good to go since it requires,some offline guidance from someone.

After the offline psychology lessons still you might be lucky to get a job as a counsellor and and also some online counselling sites like just answer.
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Many experts have written books on these, how to lie and how to caught lie; one cannot easily caught a lie unless one is aware of truth. You have to ask something to know the truth. For example if someone says he/she knows what is the 27th letter of English; then surely he/she is lying because truth is that, English always had 26 letters only and this is it's first lesson.

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