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Share your different ways of making money.
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You can make a lot of investments and earn decent profit from them overtime. 

I have invested in company bonds in the past and successfully earned money from it. 

I have been working online for close to 3 years now and it's paying me well. 
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Well,online jobs are just by the way for me I'm yet to work on a well paying site.i hope I discover one soon.
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I cannot make money online monthly that can make a living with it. There are bunch offering online about it but, it's not free and mostly are scam.

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I have jobs during the weekdays. I have daytime and night time job. I even have online sites like this that I do when I have time at night. I really want to add additional work but I rather be staying to the work I am doing as of the moment. i am saving money that is why I have lots of work. I discover online sites year 2006 and the rest is history for me. Online sites has been very helpful to me all the time. It pays my due and my bills. I even saved money to renovate our house but still it is in working progress. My daytime job is I am a warehouse coordinator and at night I am a Order entry personnel in a Private Australian Cosmetic Company. The pay is good when I am single, but I have family to feed that is why I need to work hard to able to save money for our future.
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You're going to good job combining all of these it might not be easy for everyone but it seem you execute them effortlessly.
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You are very hardworking and lucky to find that type of job,
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Currently there are basic ways to make money in the world we are today.  They online money making and offline money making. Your question was not specific as to whether online or offline.
Personally  I make both online and offline . The online ways I make my money includes paid forums activities which are the major source of my earnings online,  I also claimed clrypto currencies which I later trade them to my local currency,  surveys are also not left out though I do little of them due to my geographical location,  I am active on Clixsense and Streetbees survey sites.
I am fully employed offline where work and get paid monthly as salaries,  I also engaged in business of production and securing contracts for execution which In turn brings money.
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I wish I could make some money off some contracts in my country but getting even one now is so difficult.Good money can be made off some contracts. 
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I am looking at making money via the crypto currency, but the thing is that there is a lot of fluctuating in the coins market. 
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Crypto currency trading is a very good investment if you trade with caution,  when prices are low you buy then and sell when the prices are up again, don't over hold the coins if not you will loose out 
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There are so many ways money can be made. And sometimes money can fall on your lap when you least expect it to be, it just happens miraculously, you become rich at the end of the day. Making money is always not as people take it to be because having money in one's pocket is litereally not all about one's strength or might.

Apparently, this day money made through the exertion of one's physical power is an act of drudgery, and it also seen as hard work which really don't add up to commensurate the person's labor; they work like elephant and eat like ant.

Also, this generation has provided seamless opportunities for people to make money without necessarily breaking sweat, which makes it not for people to work hard but to work smart. Meaning that they are working like ant and yet they are eating like elephant.

Personally, I prefer working smart than to work hard. It's only through that way can say I am leaving according to God's blessings, because if you're blessed, you're not meant to stress.
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I totally agree with you,working smart is the in thing now. Life is becoming seamless now and as such we shouldn't be working hard but smart. 
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When you work hard you get old easily but when you work smartly you earn better and still look younger. 
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You're right,I hope the younger generation realises this and be more smart than working too hard to succeed
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The issue of how to make money can never be said to be overemphasized because as long as we are alive and have a lot of responsibilities to take care of, we will keep having the need to make more money always because money can never be enough.

This is something that I have come to understand about human nature and their need to acquire more money and wealth. Making more money is an undying human desire because as long as you are living, you are definitely going to desire to increase the zeros in your bank account balance.

There are millions of ways to make money and with the way the world today is designed, you can now even make money online unlike when it's just physical investment like setting up a new business would earn you money. You can invest in cryptocurrency, gold, sliver etc. You can earn online by being a blogger etc.
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Different ways there and I hope I get to work on more profitable sites at least to earn will really help me that way.

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