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We hear about atrocities perpetrated by some maids. Will still need a maid in your home? 
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It's okay to employ a live in maid as long  as you check every background and knowing you all be safe and she is not dangerous.
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I will be that helper that my wife will need when she is in labor and for that reason, I don't agree that there is need for maid in my home. I want a home where things work perfectly for me as a person. 
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I wouldn't live with a maid because I hardly trust anyone who is not my blood to stay with my kids when I'm not at home or my wife is not at home. 
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This is like the best bet checking background of the maid is very important.i just hope people will learn this.
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Well if you say so,it also a very reasonable thing to do . some maids are not just better if one can assist .I do assist my partner too.

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The world is growing to something very scary as human beings are not longer trusted any more.  In the 80's and 90's in my country people were very comfortable with employing maids to work for them,  they entrust the whole house and kids in to the maid's hand without problem.
In this current century it is very risky to employ a maid that will take your business let alone your house hold,  some of them are use by enemies to get their boss trapped after they are been paid huge amount of money they never dreamt of having.  There are however goods one but they are few compare to bad ones.
If it becomes very necessary to employ a maid as a result of your nature of work then you will have to sign some agreements with the agents and a comprehensive background check should be done.
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Very important a background check should be done no need taking chances it will be ones undoing of just employing anyone without checking out the background.
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I do not subscribe to the idea of a live in maid. If I need help and I must hire a maid, it would have to be someone that would come, work and go. I always have this idea of a family unit being as parents and their kids living together. The idea of a live in maid spoils the picture for me.
You can never be too sure about what someone is up to in your home behind your back. No matter how much background and credibility check you do. Having a maid that comes and goes doesn't take away the risk as well. It just minimizes everything to an extent.

You can never be too careful with who you let into your home these days. We have seen so many recorded awful and disturbing activities of maids in people's home. The victims of such cruelty could have been anyone.
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Getting a live in maid is really a dicey situation,one can't never be too sure with them if we sense any queer thing then they should be on their way out.
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In New Zealand, it does not necessary to have a maids or not, I have observed here over the years while living here. Most families, even rich people needs a maid. The reason behind is that they hire people to work in a day or two to clean up the house, or cut the lawn,trim the garden, and or even fixed something broken. People here are raise to do things on their own if they can do it and not leaning to someone else to do stuff for them. If the family have kids, they will find a good day care center and pay for it, but finding a person who can stay at home is very rare. I observed too, that the people who have home stay nanny or maids are coming from the other country, like Philippines. In the Philippines, it is common that a family who have both parent work fulltime and having a kids, they hire a nanny or maids to take care the kids and the house. In my case, I really don't need one because I can do things around the house, not unless I am working fully.
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Yea,some people like me too don't like the idea of them living in.Maybe they could come perform their duties and off the go. I prefer it that way. 
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I agree to that, I don't like someone Idon't know living with us, it's too strange. I prefer the come and goes you said.
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The world today is turning into something that is very frightening because the rate of evil being committed by men and women against their fellow human beings are unimaginable. Talking about hiring and living with a maid or a house help, there are things that determines whether I'm going to be open to live with one or not live with any at all.
Firstly, there is no way in the world that I'm going to live with a maid who is a total stranger and not in any way whatsoever related to my family either my immediate family or from my wife's family. Even family members are wicked to themselves, so you can imagine what an outsider who is a complete stranger would do to you if the opportunity presents itself.

I'm not saying that all maids are evil but majority of them are already compromised.
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Yea,the evil in the heart of men is really alarming I can't just understand it.Sometimes it feels like bitterness and hatred have taken over the can be very frightening.
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I think it would be a big risk to employ a maid these days. I will just rely on the situation of a friend. She had lots of maid employed already. The first one didn't came back after receiving her first salary. The second one only lasted for a week. The third one only lasted for a day when she failed to give the password of internet connection. The fourth one stole a camera after being there for 6 months. Now, because of all the lesson learned, she don't want to hire someone for her home and managing her house alone and by her mother. It is hard to trust strangers. Even if they act kind and nice in front of you, we don't know what is happening when we are not around, unless we have hidden camera to watch their actions when we are not with them.
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I can pictured those scernerio you just painted,it becoming more frustrating to have good live in maids.Gone are the days I must admit.
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The issue of maid can be akin to different strokes for different folks. There are those people that their daily activities are so packed that they themselves won't be able to handle them all. For this reason, they could decide to seek extra help in person of a maid. Or those that are barely around to look after their children maybe because of work, this people might also decide to opt for a maid.

On the other hand, there are some who may feel there won't be need for a maid, because they feel they can handle all the tasks in their houses. And there are those that in spite of the fact they can't do everything, they don't just want to take the risk of employing the services of a maid perhaps due to the horrible stories they've heard about them.

Nonetheless, we must know that it's not all maids that are bad. There are some which are of good behaviour. And so, it won't be nice to generalize the concept of live in maid as not ideal in any situation.
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Definitely not all will be bad it to find out about the person and be careful though at the same time.
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Yeah,  but the bad ones seem to be out numbering the good ones in this century we are,  people are difficult to trust now. 

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