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I always thank God for everything and every challenges I have in our life, bad or good I always thank and ask for guidance and protection.
At any opportunity that I get to say thank you to my God, I would always do it because his grace and mercy are enough in my life. 

How can I live without showing appreciation to my God for all his kindness and compassion for me. 
Yea,we need to praise him in both good and bad times,he deserves our all rounder prsise. 
Praising him is let the only duty bestow on humans and we must praise ceaselessly daily.
According to John 14:15-21. The bible states very clearly that those who loves ME(JESUS) are those that keeps my commands. Meaning if you claim to love JESUS you must obey HIS words and that way you will show that you have appreciated HIM. And what does obeying HIS commands means, to turn away from sin and wickedness so that we can be of one unity with HIM.

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As we know that God is the reason for you existence. I have always been in that mood where I see God as the creature of man and everything that man make use of OK earth. This is something that make me to praise and thank God everyday in prayers and I'm faith. There is something that I also know about life is that you get to that point where you will be the person that will remain thankful to God that even on our sinful ways, this God is always there to guide and protect us against all evils.

There is another thing that we have to do to please him and that is by keeping his commandments. The highest commandment that God has mandated us to do is for us to love one another despite the situation that we find ourselves. Life is all about getting to do things that will bring love and peace in the world.
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Definitely,in just a phrase good over evil.i wish we can all practice this at all times,always loving ourselves,others and God.
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In the world we live in there are so many struggles to experience,good or bad time happens. I asked God one time when I was in my teens, if he is really real. He never answered even a yes or no, instead he showed me the way. I struggle to finished college because my parents cannot afford to send me to college.So I left home and went into the city by the help of my Aunt. God really do exist because instead someone offered me to college and I accept it. I working half a day and attend my classes the rest of the day. I always thanked God for everything that had happen and for the blessings that he showered upon me in times of problem and in times I am enough. And I appreciate what I have right now, I may not have enough but, I have my kids that God give me reason to live and to continue to live everyday. The miracle that had happen to me between my kids. Nothing can compare about that beyond in this world.
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Great one,this actually shows how mighty God can be.He will always show up whenever we need such help.
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As for me, there are so many things to be appreciative for about my God. If I want to start, this whole page on which I am writing on won't be enough to put down everything. God has been more than good to me. They're so many things he has done for me that nobody including my parents wouldn't have been to help me with.

First all of, I appreciate him for the gift of life. It is not an easy thing to wake up every morning and still know that one is among the living, because there are so many people who slept that didn't see the next day. In spite of my sinful nature yet, he still have mercy on me by keeping me and my loved ones in the land of the living. This alone is enough for me to thank him for eternity.

I also appreciate my God for the provision. I thank him for providing me the water I drink and the food I eat. If not for him, there wouldn't have by means of sustenance because the wicked ones would've preferred to see me begging for bread.
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Nothing we can do for God than showing appreciation for all he has done and will continue to do.he is just merciful.
A good way of appreciating God is to pass on the blessings you received to others. Showing love to the non privileged, and being grateful inwardly for everything that has come your way. Gratefulnes can come in the form of a song or a prayer.
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God in his infinity Mercy deserves appreciations in every seconds in our lives but as human with lots of desires and targets to meet up ws tend to get business mostly in the day time but the fact that our conscience is of the believe that God exist and He does everything according to His will is already a form of appreciation to God.
The first thing I do in the morning after I wake up is to first appreciate God for opportunity to existence and I also pray to HIM for forgiveness of my short comings.
The number of time I appreciate God is countless because I meet people with different backgrounds each with different challenges ranging from financial, marrital,  health education, spiritual etc on occasions like that I see people with more  challenges than mine, I give thanks and appreciate God.
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Same here I see the challenges people go through and I know God has been very merciful nothing compares to his love on mankind
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I do not miss my prayers everyday. It is a regular routine. I could have said that I follow it religiously but that's what it actually is. That's just one of the the best ways to appreciate God daily.I 've learned that there are many spiritual people who aren't religious but they believe in God and appreciate him in the way that they know how to.

Even in the way we live our lives and go about our activities can tell how much grateful we are. We all owe our lives and everything we have to God almighty. Hence living our lives to the fullest and giving happiness to other earthly creatures of God shows appreciation.

It is never just about praying and talking to God. It is also about being the best of characters to yourself and others.
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Yea,we should not only love ourselves we should extent it to others and thank God daily for all he has done.
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The almighty God deserves all our praises, worship and appreciation every time and everyday in our lives as long as we are still breathing. He is the one that keeps us alive and give us guidance, support, protection and so many more. Seriously, our lives would be absolutely nothing without the interference of God in all that we do. So, it's always right to appreciate God the most high at any opportunity that we get because even if our whole parts of the body turns into mouth alone, they still wouldn't be enough to praise God adequately.

Personally, I wake up every morning with praise and worship offered to my God because it's by his infinite grace and mercy that I'm alive. I make efforts to sing praises for at least a minimum of 30 minutes before I pray and commit my days schedules into his care.
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Yes, he is worthy of our praise and he want us to do this at all times and he wouldn't hesitate to be there for us.
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The two religions that believe solely in God are Christianity and Islam. And it both have ways to appreciate God daily, monthly and yearly. To God be the glory I belong to Islam. And the I appreciate my God is in accordance to Islamic doctrine. Which is as follows:

I wake up every mid night to spent some minute talking to my Gody with ablution. Appreciating Him for the previous day and submitting to Him.

I wake up as early as 5am to attend congregation called salat subhi and worship with ablution. This congregation salat is repeated five times in a day to show submission to God and appreciation too.
Helping the needy and granting support to people who actually require it.

Taking harmful things I sight on the road which I know can injure fellow human.taking it off theroad is a way of worship
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Making God happy is always hinge on doing good and as such we should be good to everyone and keep loving God. 
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We should always thank god for everything. The ways to thank a god is helping others , make others laugh, feeding poor.

One should behave ethically .
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Appreciate God by showing love to others, remember the holy book says when you show love to the least of these people you are also showing it to me. We will not see God physically but we reciprocate His love towards us, by loving other people. 
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I appreciate God all the time every day and the way I appreciate him is by worshipping praising and giving thanks to him because he do so many thing for me
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I appreciate God daily by being thankful that he lets me live to see another day and also that he gives me the love and support of friends and family.
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I appreciate God by giving gratitude for His mercies, giving Him praise through songs of worship and by loving other people as God is love and we are expected to love others as ourselves. 
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