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It can never be possible to hang out with friends on daily basis especially if you are working. 

It's only when you are idle and not doing anything that you would have the time to hang out with your friends every day. 
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Yes,indeed we all have our daily responsibilities and hang out with friends would not be our most priority.

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While I was in the University, I made it a point of duty to always hang out with my wonderful friends. Believe it or not, friends are always the best things that will happen to us as humans as if there are no friends, we are going to feel bored and depressed to some extent. I always feel a bit of happiness and relief each time that I hang out with friends since there are going to be good times, fun and jokes flying up and down.

Now that I am working, it has been kinda difficult for me to continue to roll with these friends since most of us are now staying in different states which makes it difficult to connect and have fun. I have learnt to move on and make new friends and it has been helpful to me as well. The only difference is that I don't hang out often with them unlilke before.
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I do not hang out with my friends daily. First of, I live away from the town where my friends are so it is impossible to meet daily given that we all have to go about our different lives which includes work, family among other life situations.

We try to make out time to meet sometimes. This is why I don't under estimate the power of technology. Although we do not see regularly, we keep in touch with each other. The calls, text, chats etc via whatsapp, instagram and other social media compensates for the physical absence.

Only back in school did I hang out with my friends everyday. We had the same schedules and interests so it was very easy and normal to be hanging out all together a lot. Now things have changed because some of my friends live and work in different cities too.
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I know I like to have friends around because on a very boring day they help to liven one's up but I wouldn't like to have them around daily,that will become a chore so I only invite them over when I really need to,that way I wouldn't have too much to deal with,sometimes it can very disturbing having friends around when one has a very important project to complete. Having friends around might disrupt things, distract one and make one lose focus, so what I do is to have less friends when I'm really In the mood to work.

So going to your question I only hang out with friends sometimes or occasionally, I'm a very busy person and I'm always out and about to do different things so there's no way I can hang out with friends daily, it might even be exhausting that way.
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I don't have time to hangout with any of my friends as of the moment as I am at home and resting. I just got ill last week up to this week so I cannot go roaming around and exposing myself to heat and dirt from the road. When I am okay, I usually hangout with them during the weekends. I can only go out and hang with them during the weekends because I have jobs during the weekdays,even at night. Sometimes I don't want to hang out with them because whenever I am hanging out with them, I get to spend money that is out of the budget. When I am not with them, I can save a lot of money. They want me to hang with them and they will treat me. They are doing it all the time whenever they know I don't have money. But, I am feeling shy for them doing it all the time so I do not hang out with them.
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If it were to be before I would say yes that I like to hangout with friends daily, but this day, it's even hard to even to do that on sometimes basis. The thing is, my lifestyle took a drastic turn around when I stopped living a wild life. Ever since the change, I no longer fancy the idea of hangingout with boys, perhaps due to we are no longer likeminded as it used to be.

Previously, no single day passes by without hangingout with the boys. Unfortunately, this habit has always been like that right from when I was a kid, because then I like to see myself in the midst of friends. The whole thing become more of an addict when I entered secondary school because I started moving not with only friends but with clique. Some people even used to see us to be cult gang perhaps due to how we rolled back then.

Fast forward to the present, all that clingy to friends stopped, but that doesn't mean I have comppetely cut them of as friends, but there is nothing like I can't be fine without seeing them.
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Life is all about doing the right thing at the right moment, so in as much as I love to hang out with my very good friends, I don't always make it to be something too often because there is time for everything. Now, my friends are very special people in my life because they are very precious and valuable in my life as they would literally do anything that they know to be good and in my own interest.
It's very hard to see good friends that are willing to make sacrifices for their friendship with you. You don't get to see them always, so when you have such friends, it's very important to make out time every once in a while to spend quality time with them. Normally, I get to spend time with my friends at least once in month especially on Sundays.
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I don't hang with my friends daily presently because there other things that needs to be taken care of,  I have to go my work place every working day close around 4pm return home,  relax, rest and get refresh,  I then spend rest of the day with my family and possibly go out to get things that urgently needed.
While I was still in the University that was very possible because the responsibilities then are little compare now,  I hang out virtually all evening with my friend either in the tennis courts or in the reserve areas and sometimes we watch football matchs together.
My hang outs with my friends now are mostly during weekends since I will have enough time at my disposal,  the evenings are always for hangouts to discuss the activities of the week long.

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