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I feel depressed. any way to cope? why i feel depressed? i don't know that. anybody can help me suggest 

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first you need to fast for 2 days then you'll need to go on an alkaline diet for 3 months or more.
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Get yourself engaged productively. Staying away from anything that makes you feel idle like social media, substance abuse, which could be alcohol or drugs. Be in the company of those that make you happy. And also know that your happiness is something that sorely depends on you and not on anybody around you because if you wait for people to make feel happy, you are setting up yourself for more depression. 
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Depression can lead something bad, you need to ask for help and ask for professional help.

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The first line of defense against depression and anxiety is B vitamins. Get nutritional yeast powder and/or B-100 pills. Vitamin B2 is a water soluble dye that turns urine bright yellow. When the color fades, it's time for another dose. Read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.
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Depression is due to overthinking over a same thing. The first thing to recover from depression is sleep, this helps your brain to get relaxed. Then try to engage with the nature like yoga, walking this helps you to divert from your depressed things. They are many other natural remedy visit this site for more treatments Natural treatment takes time to recover from depression, if you want immediate recovery from depression and want a peaceful sleep consult a doctor. To know more about sleep aid medicines visit this site
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Hey there , yes vitamins are important , once they become low it affects a lot of things including how you feel. So id get yourself a blood test to check what your low on, however if you are not low on anything i believe you need a pick me up day. Go out, do what you enjoy, have a goal in life to keep you on your feet, excercise, eat healthy and three meals a day, get good sleep. put on a faveourite movie. Even talking to someone to get to the cause of the problem if you are not sure.. HANG IN THERE!
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you are feeling low because of anxiety.
Visit your doctor and tell him your condition so he can prescribe you some anti-anxiety medicine.
Xanax is one of the anti-anxiety medicine and you can buy Xanax Online or any other medicine prescribed by your doctor.

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Depression can get an individual to go to extremities. The first and foremost thing you could do to fight against depression is to get a sound sleep. If you are suffering from Insomnia, you could take sleep medication to aid you into sleeping. Try to get more details about the medication and how it can help you sleep.

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It is very important to see the cause of your depression and your doctor can be the best person to share. If it is Anxiety or something he may prescribe you some medicines. 
A friend of mine faced anxiety issues so he now buy xanax online and finds it effective!

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If you feel depressed, it's best to do something about  is close your eyes  take deep breath in and out  take every day 30 minute walk early morning  hearing music (violent flute music ) best option to reduce  depression  or dance, jog, or bike if you prefer. Read books  etc...You can refer best essay writing service to get a best guidelines and suggestion to write your essays.

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I would suggest seeing a doctor about this. I see some comments suggesting anxiety when the question clearly says DEPRESSED. Anxiety and depression are two very different things. You can trying meditation to see if that will help, but otherwise, I suggest seeing a doctor. Talk to him/her about what you are feeling. Why you think you are depressed or are feeling depressed. Only a doctor can provide the appropriate medical treatment for this.
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In fact, an interesting and very relevant topic. I think that most people on Earth suffer from this disease. It's a disease. I myself often get depressed, and I know that this is not at first hand. Terrible condition. And to get out of this is extremely difficult. You can try to move on to psychology, philosophy. Read smart books and practice their advice in life. How it helped me. I, for example, read and repeatedly read this book Another tool you can download yourself is a bunch of things, a hobby. It is clear that in this period everything is not interesting. But in fact, before the depression happened, you had interests, and they do not want to work through it, it helps in exactly the same way. There is another option that I learned not so long ago. How hormones affect depression. Namely testosterone. Reducing its level affects the formation of depression. And this is a deeper topic about which you can write and write, well, or read I hope my answer helped you, I want to believe!)
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if you feel depress then definitely you've some major issue. For better guidance first consult your doctor or if you want immediately solution then try Xanax. Xanax is best cure for anxiety or depression. now you can buy Xanax online.

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