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I feel depressed. any way to cope?

asked May 28, 2017 in Health+Fitness by Mahmud on approval (0 cents)

I feel depressed. any way to cope? why i feel depressed? i don't know that. anybody can help me suggest 

11 Answers

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answered Mar 19 by Bandagecall earnings (150 cents)
My husband keeps snoring and it's really pissing me off. That's the cause of my depression! I told him to consult a doctor but he got angry every time I tried to persuade him. Two days ago I accidentally found that site *****://***.exsnorer.***/reviews/zquiet/. It offers some sort of plastic devices that you put in your mouth during the sleep. I wonder if it's safe and if this method really works or it's just a fraud. What do you think?