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I am going to travel to Tibet and mainland China next year. I have a lot of time. But I am not sure when is the best time to travel Tibet. Someone says June and May are the best time to travel to Tibet, other says September is the best. Could you please give me a confirmed answer?

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Well,you just have to look at the different seasons in Tibet to really ascertain which will be worthwhile and more comfortable for you. People like to travel at different times but you just have go with the best for you.
The spring is often between April and May and during this period the weather is very warm and tourist can find this period very convenient.

Sunmer time is between June-August and this is like the busiest period for tourism. The weather here is characterised by warmness, a bit of cold and rain too.

Fall comes in September through October and everywhere is just cool and almost like the best time for tourist where one can go hiking and trekking , there's less cloud too.
Winter set in from November-March with alot of coldness and snow which I believe isnt a great time for tourist.
So by and large May-october could just be the appropriate time to choose from.
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Thank you for your answer, Jerry. 

 I would like to visit Mt.Everest. Are September and October the best time to see the Mt. Everest? My trip advisor told me that if I have the most chance to see the Mt.Everest if I travel to Tibet in November Is she right? Is it very cold in Mt.everest when traveling in Tibet in November? 

I am a solo traveler. I would like to know when I can the most chance to see the Mt.Everest and save money. 

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