I'm a teenager on summer break. All day(warning: some may consider this sexually inappropriate details), I masturbate, sleep, eat, and be on my computer. I wake up at about 10 in the morning, eat breakfast, masturbate about 3 times consecutively, for some reason, it always seems to tire me out, so I then nap for about 4 hours. I wake up and eat, play video games, masturbate once more, and play video games until 2 in the morning. Then repeat. That's it. No friends. No nothing. And my parents are away on vacation
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I think that you should start making friends as soon as you can. I think that something that is bad with masturbation is that you are going to always feel depressed as well. So, I think you should do something to stop it as soon as possible. 

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I can't find anything boring in your life as you are fully engaged throughout the day. Moreover I believe that hardcore gamers never get bored.
If you still feel that you are getting bored then you must be active in something else. I mean any hobbies, sports, blogging etc. You can be active in this site itself. You need an aim in your life or something to follow as a daily routine.
Well, just an ambition can change your life.
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Don't waste your time and health, study well if you are a student, read some good books that related to life and living. Be punctual in your life. Hope this article may help you, all the best!  https://daringtolivefully.com/tips-for-being-punctual

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You are not alone. Many teenage boys have the same lifestyle as you. Many of these children are left home alone because their parent's both works. In order to entertain them and keep in the house the parent's buy them video games to play. This is a cheap babysitter and will occupy a child for hours on end.

The only problem with this logic is the parent's aren't considering the health of their child. Furthermore, the child has been locked away during the day in the home and has no outside contact with other children their own age. This tends to make a child withdrawn and not develop good relationship skills as they grow older. They don't know how to communicate or even spend time with other children their own age. Later on, in life, this becomes a problem when the child is forced to leave the comforts of their room and go out in public. They need to find work and interact with other people. However, they don't know how.

You should try hard to find a few friends from school that you can hang out with during your vacation. I know it won't be easy because you haven't made any friend in school because all you care about is staying in your room playing video games. You need exercise for your health and to build up your muscles and your heart. Otherwise, later on in life, you will have some major issues with weight and heart attacks if you don't start now.
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One thing that really wowed me with the routine lifestyle you have is how it keeps you preoccupied all day. Notwithstanding though, there is somethimg missing from it, which is meaningfulness. You can't just spend such precious time on frivolities all in the name of been on summer break and your parents out of town.

However, nothing is wrong with you playing computer games, which is obviously a major activity for kids of your age. But for the masturbation, you have to find something that is value adding for it. You can substitute it with reading, playing, socializing, among others. I believe there are so many things you can do instead of masturbating. Mind you that there is grave consequence for overindulgence in sexual activity-- it's not healthy for you.

Another thing you need to correct, is the too much isolation. Find kids that are of your age bracket that you can socialise and interact with. It will take away all the boredom you're currently experiencing. You can also get to exercise with them by doing outdoor activities. This alone can make your life more meaningful and sweet.
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My good friend, I don't see much that I would term boring or wrong with how you have chosen to live your life, most of us during our school years passed through such phases and came out from it in one piece. But if I'm permitted to offer you an advice about the lifestyle you engage in which is masturbation, I'm not going to ask you to stop doing it completely because I know very well that it's going to be almost impossible to stop the habit especially when you are looking as if you are already addicted to doing it on daily basis but what I would recommend is that you should try as much as possible to cut down on how many times you engage in masturbation every day because even though it's not affecting your body negatively today, it's definitely going to in the future.
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We should always know in life that one man's best is another man's poison.What one may termed boring another see it as being exciting,so looking at your itinerary daily I think there's nothing boring about it.You are so engaged the whole day and might not even have the time for friends if you ask me.l'm not to judge you but Don't you think you are masturbating just too much.From the count of it on your post it more than 6 times daily I think it becoming more of an addiction than just stimulating the genitals for pleasure.You can do more of other activities than doing more of the masturbating,this is just an advice though.

Back to your question you're not a boring person you can spice it up a bit by maybe stepping out to some events to mingle with people.
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I want to believe that your bringing up the topic even with detail is because you want advice and ready to adhere to it afterward. No condition of mind is ever permanent, you can still adjust to the right part. Not making friend cannot make your life boring but not having goal or purpose in life can detach your life easily. When you set a goal with reasonable ambition , even time will nonot longer be enough for you.

Masturbation is illegally inappropriate for your health and moral conduct. I trust with your internet connection you should have searched for health implications of masturbation, which will all turn out  to be bad.

Watching film, eating  and doing other things are however not bad,  but doing them in 24hrs without reasoning towards living a impactful life is bad. iit is normal to have urge, try get a girl friend instead if you can't abstain. Then set your goal with time. Live by it every minute.
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During this lock down, everyone is feeling bore at some times. Life is not boring and it is beautiful one. We should make it beautiful. Cooking, Spending time with the family, discuss interesting things with the family are all the ways to overcome your boredom. 
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Yes. My life sounds boring. There is trouble in my life. I am not living like I want. This is happening because of the people, who are in my life.
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