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I'm a teenager on summer break. All day(warning: some may consider this sexually inappropriate details), I masturbate, sleep, eat, and be on my computer. I wake up at about 10 in the morning, eat breakfast, masturbate about 3 times consecutively, for some reason, it always seems to tire me out, so I then nap for about 4 hours. I wake up and eat, play video games, masturbate once more, and play video games until 2 in the morning. Then repeat. That's it. No friends. No nothing. And my parents are away on vacation

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I can't find anything boring in your life as you are fully engaged throughout the day. Moreover I believe that hardcore gamers never get bored.
If you still feel that you are getting bored then you must be active in something else. I mean any hobbies, sports, blogging etc. You can be active in this site itself. You need an aim in your life or something to follow as a daily routine.
Well, just an ambition can change your life.
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Don't waste your time and health, study well if you are a student, read some good books that related to life and living. Be punctual in your life. Hope this article may help you, all the best!  https://daringtolivefully.com/tips-for-being-punctual

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You are not alone. Many teenage boys have the same lifestyle as you. Many of these children are left home alone because their parent's both works. In order to entertain them and keep in the house the parent's buy them video games to play. This is a cheap babysitter and will occupy a child for hours on end.

The only problem with this logic is the parent's aren't considering the health of their child. Furthermore, the child has been locked away during the day in the home and has no outside contact with other children their own age. This tends to make a child withdrawn and not develop good relationship skills as they grow older. They don't know how to communicate or even spend time with other children their own age. Later on, in life, this becomes a problem when the child is forced to leave the comforts of their room and go out in public. They need to find work and interact with other people. However, they don't know how.

You should try hard to find a few friends from school that you can hang out with during your vacation. I know it won't be easy because you haven't made any friend in school because all you care about is staying in your room playing video games. You need exercise for your health and to build up your muscles and your heart. Otherwise, later on in life, you will have some major issues with weight and heart attacks if you don't start now.

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