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Winter season is well known for its cold weather and snow falls. 

How do you cope and deal with the cold of winter season? 

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I like winter season, but I hate too much cold. The first time I experienced winter was 2014, and what did I do is wearing triple clothing, thermal underneath, cotton long sleeve and a thick warm jacket and a tight jeans. I wear thick socks and a warm slipper too.This help me survive the first winter, and of course without the heater I would be freeze into death I guess. But, luckily enough it's not snowy in our place, in some other part of the country only snowing. I never experience snow yet, but winter is really cold even if it's not snowing. The blows of the wind are making it more colder, especially at night until morning. It only lasted 3 months here in each season, so it's shorter compare to other countries. But, still winter is cold, I like more spring and autumn and I don't really like summer because it's super hot.
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Though we don't have winter and snow falling in Nigeria but we have our cold season which is either the rainy season and the harmattan season too.These two times or periods are extreme cold that needs one to do something about it, to avoid getting consumed with it.
For me doing such periods I always have my warm clothes on like my sweater,cardigan or heavy clothes to really keep cold away, I hate to be down with flu, cattarrh or malaria during this period because I know the period might mangnify it, so I try to prevent it.

I take hot liquids to help beat cold,this can also help to keep the body warm  and taking warm bath can be very helpful.

I will have loved the heater to be on during this period,uunfortunately I don't have one so I make do with my duvet and blanket.

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