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The risk factors associated with dental implant according to Smith RA et all. Int  J oral Maxillofac implants. 1992.
A total of 104 consecutive patients treated with 313 Nobelpharma implant were s studied to determine the medical risks associated wwith dental implant. There were no increased case of implant failure rate or an increase in preoperative morbility in patients with a compromised medical status. Such as age, , sex, and concurrent use of hypoglycemic agents.

So, according to him the surgery were successful and implant procedures using a variety of pain / anxiety - control agent failed to reveal any increase in anaesthetic related complications. However, the number 9f implant placed per patientspatients actually correlated.

But the tooth can't be used as before to avoid breakage or rot.
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Seriously, the health risk is too much in my opinion. I would never subject myself to such procedures for any reason whatsoever as long as my life doesn't depend on getting the dental implant. 
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Some of the notable risks that often accompany detntition due to implants of any of the teeth are numerous, depending on the type of dental implant and part of the mouth where it is carried out. Dental implant basically are done to correct some certain dental problems, hence it is not in all situation that the risks surfaces. Besides, in most cases of dental implants, there has been wonderful testimonies of the individuals on how the procedure has helped to get rid of chronic dental problems.

However, as it often related to all life occurences, that whatever has advantage also do have disadvantages. In this context of risks associated with dental implant, the likely problems that may arise are diseases of the gum The gum problems can be caused by dental implants as of inability to floss the implanted tooth regularly, and due to this, plagues; active colony of destructive bacteria can invade that gum where the implant was done.
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Exactly! Gum infection is very serious problem that is associated with getting a dental implant and once the teeth gum is ruined, it will affect your entire teeth. 
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Personally, I have a very strict policy when it comes to my teeth. I mind what I eat, when I eat and how I eat because I would never appreciate seeing myself having to require the medical attention of a dentist for any reason whatsoever.

I don't eat meat too often in order to avoid getting the meat particles stuck between my tooth which would make me to pick my teeth. I have so many friends that have one dental issue or another which have made some of them had some of their teeth removed by a dentist.
Now, getting a dental implant is a complete no for me as long as I don't have any need to get those implants. I have seen some celebrities especially the ones into the music industry have some of their teeth replaced using a gold or silver tooth implants. It looks good but I'm sure it comes with health risks on the long run.
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The most risk factor that involves dental implants will be based on age, gender, implant length, and position and other habits of patients like consuming alcohol, smoking etc. These habits might lead to implant failure. Research conducted by NCBI on the Risk factors of Dental implants states that the presence of Infection and absence of HA coating were the primary cause for dental implant failures.

The other risk factors might be gum disease. If the implants are not fitted properly, it will give a discomfort feeling in your mouth where you will find it hard to eat and swallow food.

That is the reason why it is always advised to consult a well-experienced dentist to get your dental implant surgery done. And choosing the correct crown type and material is also a must. Acerocrowns is one of the best pediatric crown manufacturers who provide the perfect crowns and these crowns are made of high quality authorized materials.
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I'm not a fan of dentists.. In fact I squirm at the word dentist.That's why I advice people to take their oral hygiene serious.. Like brushing twice a day,flossing and stuffs like that.

If you are considering dental implant,its always necessary to weigh your personal goals and needs,consider the risks and benefits of this procedure because dental implants do carry some degree of risk.The good news is if the implant is done by a skilled and qualified professional, the risk is reduced.

Common risk associated with dental implant include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Improper placement which can lead to implant failure
  • Puncture of the sinus cavity
  • Damage to blood vessels and nerves
  • Bacterial Infection

It must be noted that patients must have sufficient amount of bone tissue in order to provide adequate support for the implants.If an implant is placed in a soft jaw or too thin jaw,implant may not be successful.Bone Grafting is recommended to build the strength of the jaw.

Let me just say that while patients understand the risk involved in this procedure,they should also understand the long lasting benefits too so as to weigh their options.

I won't dive into the benefits because the writer didn't ask for the benefits

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