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I find the idea of creating things by yourself really fascination. Like arts and crafts. Fortunately for me, my kind of crafts revolve around food in the kitchen and beauty products. There's this joy in seeing your own creation.

I've made facial scrubs out of natural products countless times. The beautiful thing about it is that you get to pick your choice ingredients or materials for your products. Plus they are durable. I've made my own essential oils my self. One of the best would "making bleach". Ever since I learned the technique, I seldom buy branded ones.
I remember when I went out of my way to cut a kimono blouse all by myself. I had watched a YouTube video about it. I followed the instructions religiously and I was really proud of myself.
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That is the truth as you always feel the power to create. This is something that you can liken to being an entrepreneur as well when we are putting such things into perspective. 
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One of the Do It Yourself(DIY) project I did recently came very handy for the purpose it was aimed for. Prior to now, I used to have issues with buying road side insecticides due to their ineffectiveness in killing both crawling and flying insects specifically mosquitoes and cockroaches. I was seriously disgusted with this development, that I decided to cease the use of any of them. Fortunately, I stumbled on article on how one can make insecticide that would be worth the time, money and resources in doing so. Subsequently, I decided to give it a shot.

All you need is kerosine, water and bathing soap. Pour your water into plastic container, and leather your bathing soap into it until it is foaming. Add you your kerosine to the water in same proportion. Stir them altogether and turn into a different container, preferably one with spraying aerosol noozle.
With this DIY you have you insecticide ready for killing of insects.

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