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I don't eat banana every day but I have a particular day which I don't miss out eating them and it's on Sundays. 

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Banana is one fruit I love to eat daily especially on empty stomach because it helps to cleanse my bowels and make excreting very easy for me.

I like bananas because it contain fibers and it can be very  filling and satisfying when meals are yet to be ready and even those on a weight loss journey can try the banana therapy where one can just eat banana fruit alone the whole day.
Another good thing about banana is that it can ease digestion and help reduce heart burn.i like to take some after taking any thing spicy it helps the food settles properly without any burning sensation in my heart.
I really advocate for people to eat bananas because there are really rich in nutrients and it packed full with potassium and other vital vitamins needed by the body.
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It is kinda difficult to find banana here as it is a village that is not that popular. I always take banana when I am traveling and it has been nutritious to me. 
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That is true, banana is very healthy fruits and more nutritious.
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Banana is one of my best fruits but I do not eat it everyday. Bananas have seasons and they could get really expensive in my country, when the season starts to fade away, when it is harvest time, you can get a bunch for next to nothing. Unfortunately, it is something perishable and  you wouldn't want to accumulate a lot.

I also have to really examine bananas at the open market because sometime, they are not usually as ripe as they seem and even when they are, you'll find that they were ripened by carbide. I really love to eat bananas. They are packed with healthy nutrients in the right proportion.

There are many ways that I eat my banana with groundnut, plain, with other fruits etc. It even gives the feeling of satiety. I could eat them all day
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I agree, when there is too much banana it's really in low price but if not like now, it's way too expensive per kilo.
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No, i don't eat banana every  but I love banana a lot that i eat it when ever i have the chance to. And I never get tired of it. Banana is highly nutritious fruit that provides the body with much protein and other nutrients. I noticed my system loves and appreciate banana a lot since my kid. Even when I'm sick; after taking much drugs and the sickness refuse to go, the sickness usually vanish the moment i start taking banana.

I could remember the last time I fell sick, I was in my college. I tried all medicine and injections but it all proved abortive. So I decided to keep on with the medication till after close to 6 weeks of failed attend.  The sickness was diagnosed to be typhoid. So enough prescription were made yet no outcome. Suddenly I remembered my usual cure and pleaded to my parent to get me banana. You won't believe tthat I only ate it for 3 days and got very fine.
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That is very good news, I agree that banana has a healing properties even if you have diarrhea it can help.
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Banana happens to be one of my best fruits, which I can consume on daily basis even though I don't. My eating of banana is basically when I want to make smoothie with it whenever I want to drink my local cereal. And believe me there is nothing compare to the taste it add to it. I actually prefer the use of it since I don't take white sugar. What it does apart from the nutritional benefits, which definitely I am going to gain from it is to sweeten the cereal, hence making it more palatable to drink.

For more of the reason my eating of banana increased was its health benefits. I learned that it has the potential of accelerating  the recovery process after strenous exercise due its essential mineral of potassium, which is vital for muscle and nerve functions. Apart from this, banana is great for boosting of energy level especially if one feels exhausted after such a long stressful day at work.
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Me too, I usually consume it everyday and put in my smoothies like oatmeat smoothie especially during breakfast.

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