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What kind of business mentality do you have or prefer to have?

Working for a company that pays you or have your own business and work for yourself? 

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Working for yourself has many advantages if you are independent minded and have the money to start your business. The advantages of setting your own schedule, vacationing when you desire, potentially earning as much as your efforts allow is very attractive to many people. Businesses require much capital up front, people you can depend on to carry your vision through and must be efficient to make the grade. If you plan to be on sight only a few hours a day, your business will struggle. One business owner I knew started a restaurant. He could not be there daily because he had a full time job. Eventually it failed. Why? His employees did not show up on time, stealing was rampant, food quality was not being maintained, the facility was cited for its unsanitary conditions, etc., Suggest starting an internet business first. This way you can get acquainted with business practices, the management of money etc. Working for others has certain securities built into the job. Nevertheless, I have always worked for myself. Thank you for allowing me to answer this question. Mark Davis, MD
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I highly doubt there's anyone who prefers working for someone than having their own business. Everyone likes to be in control especially when it comes to making a livelihood. But unfortunately, not everyone has the will or finances to kick star their own business. I think this is the major reason why we all resort to working for some company.

Personally, I'll like to own a business of my controlling. I have several ideas but there's very little I can do about it since I like the financial basis for starting one. I know business can be brought up step by step which involves starting out on a low scale. But with modern trends as well as the stiff competition out there, one is going to be needing more than just a low scale strategy to make a business stand.

The best possible way of starting out is by working under someone and hope to able to gain the needed experience, and raise some type of capital before deciding to start a personal business.
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I love the place where you said that we should start from somewhere. Owning a business is not always easy but once we gain the needed experience, we can get ahead to start something on our own. 
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I moved from employment to starting a small business and to tell the truth you cannot gain business experience working. The two to me appears to be two different fields. Running your own is in a class of its own. You make a decision it backfires or works for you. Whichever the case you have to keep moving. In employment you make a mistake maybe some losses are incured you still get you salary. Its not the same in business.
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In as much as I will love to work for a very good company that the pay package is very good and with good working environment and conditions I will always prefer having my own business because that the best decision any human can take.

Having one's business is like planting one's garden of course in due season one will havest bountifully and the good thing is that the farm will continue to produce more fruits in it's season. Owning a business is not just for self, if one prosper in it, it can even outlived the person.

One is hardly wealthy working for a company but it will be possible with one's company and running one's business one can put all one's creative ideas, skills and talents to work.

I don't think we can go wrong having our own business.
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I would prefer to have my business all the way. I have a small one less than 4 months old and despise the challenges i am enjoying all the way. You get to become your own boss and for some reason you always trying to make the right decisions to make the business work. When employed at times you get to do what will please the boss and maybe hurt the business.

With your own business you get to learn alot. From personal experience,start small and take every moment,every mistake and every success as a lesson. If you can learn from this it will go along way when you grow the business to a global level. With your own business you also get hopes that one day you can sit back and let people work for you. This is something you can never dream of in employment sector.

You also get to create employment,meet business people and learn from them. You get to learn sources of your products,competition and how to overcome. I can go on and on. My choice is having my own business.

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