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Some other countries do not allow co sleeping with the new born baby up to 3 years old, this is because its dangerous and might cause of the sudden infant death (SID).  Do you co sleep with your child or not?
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There has been a case where the mother suffocated her baby with her breast when breastfeeding the child as the baby was too tender.

So, when it comes to sleeping at night, the baby should sleep in another bad. 
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The baby is very closely associated with the mother, so sleeping in one bed is normal. Install a large bed so that both have enough space and the problem is solved. You can add a healthy atmosphere http://greenductors.com/what-will-the-first-breath-of-your-baby-be-like/. Your sleep will be strong and your body healthy.

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It is not uncommon in my country to see mothers sleeping with their babies. This is a very normal practice here. Women seldom put their babies in cots or cribs. Only a few do that. They have the babies with them because they need to feed them at night and they don't have to get up to the crib or the other room.

There could be cases of sudden infant death as a result but the statistics is really really low. You'd barely hear cases like that. I think the mothers become really careful and sensitive at the time.

Still I would recommend that babies be placed really close to the parent. The crib can be just by the bed and children from 2-3 and above can do well in their own beds. Anything that would put the life of a child at risk needs to be taken seriously.
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That was what I was saying. The moms always feel comfortable being with their babies and it is something normal. 
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I agree, there is special bond between the mother and the child that no one can understand.
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I don't see anything wrong with a mother especially sleeping with her baby maybe not the couple but mom's can do the sleeping with the baby.At least I grew up to see my mom.sleeps with my younger siblings on the same bed especially at night.

Mother's needs to be protective of their new born baby so it called for them sleeping on the same bed to avoid the baby falling off or crying incessantly before being attended to.

Babies less than 12 months that are still being breastfed needs attention of their mom's like every minute, so what do the mom do than to be in same bed with her baby or better still in the same room but on a different bed.

But for older kids they could be left alone on their own,maybe check up from time to time,other than I think there's no health risk.
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Here in New zealand they don't allow co-sleeping but I grew up with my mom co sleeping with us so I don't follow what New zealand wanted me to do. As a mother I know I wont roll over to my baby when I asleep. 
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Right here in Nigeria, I think that it is acceptable for moms to co-sleep with their new babies. There is something that we should always understand by this act which is the bond that it is going to create between the child and the mom. I also believe that it is nice as long as the mom is careful not to injure the baby while they are on the bed. While my mom had our sister, she always sleep on the bed with my sister and that has helped them to remain close friends despite the situation that we are passing through.

I believe that there is also need for those countries that are putting a ban on this to understand what it means to the family as a whole. You may be trying to protect a kid, but might be keeping he/she away from the family as a whole.
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Same in the Philippines,it is allowed to co sleep with new born baby but some cases are rare but can be avoided to suffocate the baby.
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Apparently, it's not ideal for parents to be sleeping with their babies simply because of the above stated reasons. Children as we all know are very fragile at that age and if paradventure the unintended happened like the parents rolling over them during the cause of sleeping, it could be so disastrous. Unfortunately, situation like this has been attributed to sudden infant death.
It won't be out of place if parents make efforts in creating a separate place for their children to sleep on their alone. By so doing the child would be prevented from any accidental discharge that would cause suffocation, which lead to death. Over the years, there has been unresolved cases of children been killed mysteriously during their sleeping times. And up till now, there has been no single clear-cut cause of their death. Who knows, it might just be sleeping with children by their parents on the same bed.
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I understand what you mean, accidents happens anytime and that is one thing that we need to avoid.
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Infant babies are very tender especially when they are days or few weeks old. It's very important that the mother parent takes every precautions to ensure that the child's safety is absolutely guaranteed at all cost.

Seriously, it's never advisable for the mother to be sleeping in the same bed with her baby infant that it's just few weeks or days old because any slightest mistake and something would go wrong which puts the child at health risk of being in life and death situation.
The baby must sleep on a different bed which would be well prepared for the child's comfort and the mother in another different bad right in the same room which is not far away from the child in order to know when the child needs immediate attention.
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I think it is normal to co-sleep with a baby, but I understand what you mean, some people are not good to co sleep with babies because they can be reckless.
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Well if I get what you mean by co-sleeping simply implies a parent sharing same bed with the child!. In my own simple understanding this far about the co-sleeping; I don't think it can cause the child any arm except if the parents are such a careless set of people. In fact, if a child sleep next to the mother, it creates great parent affections and enhance much care for the child.

But if the child sleeps separately, it is not still or also bad. But it will reduce the good warmth and direct easy breast feed for the child.

The oonly thing that I know must be avoided by both parent is having sex or making love while breast feeding the child. It engineer alot of things that can kill the child easily. I've noticed many children dies due t9 ssuch act by both parent.
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Yes, that what I mean but the last two sentences your talking are the parent who are reckless and cannot discipline themselves.
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