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I like to write right from high school and I used to write short stories,peoms and articles for my school magazines and I was really enjoying it,it even helped me do well with English language and literary studies so I have been on it for years.

So when I came online to work and was trying to get acquainted with the different tasks available to work on some earning sites, I came across article writing and forum posting I was pleased because I know it what I can do effortlessly, so I started working on sites with this tasks and I'm making money from it.
So I think I'm using my writing skills now to make money by the side,even though it isn't much but I'm able to pick up some minor bills with it.

It's very important to identify one's skill or talent and make good use of it.
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While I was still a young kid, I always believe that I should be spending reverend priest. I see those ones as the people that are close to God and can command respect as they want. That made me to always take more time to reflect on life and what it is to me. However, the dream didn't materialize as I was off when it comes to having to become a priest.

However, that childhood dream has helped to shaped the way that I look at life and how we should all approach. Whenever, I am in my spare time, I try as much as I can to do the things that will make me get better at being a psychologist. In as much as what I read at the University was economics, I still have the ability to interact with people while helping them in their different tough situations in life.
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I've known my talent right from when I was younger which is imparting lives with the ability to speak intelligently and write constructively. As I grew older, I realized this my gift is something I was endowned with to make a difference in this world. And ever since I have not hesitated to develop this talent through self discovery path. I was so conscious in doing this that I was seen as if I was insane by those that were close to me then. But I never held back because I was shown number of times through revelation that this was my calling by my God.

Luckily for me, In order for this talent to be polished, I started applying it through constant practice. I have not stopped since then in nurturing, and even up till now, I've not gone complacent in exercising this talent, because I was made to understand that in life there's only one room that can never be full, which is that of improvement.
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