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We should always take the necessary steps when we are talking about improving the way that our kids get to do the things that matter to them. Education is paramount and this is one of the reasons we should try to start teaching our kids everything that concerns education right from a young age. You can't deny that fact that this is one thing that is important as long as the development of the kid is concerned.

I am this brilliant at my age, all because my parents did their best to start school for me at an early age. That helped me to build confidence and work towards getting to the level where I can beat my chest that I can perform fine in any sphere of life where I find myself.

Even when you are not sending your kids to school at an early age, try to teach them at home as it is going to help them improve.
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I tend to agree to an extent that children below the stated age should start learning the fundamentals about how to read and write. For obvious reasons, it's better for them to start getting used to the basics, because once they are groomed in these areas they can start early in developing their cognitve abilities. As it is often said kids learn faster, and thus whatever they are feed with, they are bound not to forget them in a hurry.

Although they might not be learning bigger things at this age, but with the elementary knowledge they are receiving, they can start building on it as time progresses. It won't be wise for parents to allow their kids to be influenced with all kinds of negative stuffs, as it's often experienced when they start to insult immediately they start to talk, but instead they can channel this energy in knowing how to read and write.
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That would be more of torture for that child. Let a child be a child. Why are you hurrying that child to know how to read and write at that tender age? I don't agree at all. That's putting pressure on that child why don't you just let him or her mature naturally, let they get to the point where they will do it on their own. If you do it at such a tender age, that will be termed as forcing a child to grow up when he has all the time to grow. I mean, why would you do that when he has a whole life ahead of him. 2 is too young, all that kid needs at that age to to breastfeed and play with his toys, not straining his vocal codes screaming out vowels and names of things around him. Even with the toys, the child can learn a few things. It's not good to overburden the toddlers brain.
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The problem is that most parents have no idea how to teach a child to read. You teach a kid to read by sitting him on your lap and reading to him. One day you yawn or something and the kid starts reading to you.

There are a lot of things wrong with what we call "school". In reality it is an all day baby sitting service. And Americans as a rule don't know anything else.

IMO it is more important to teach a kid to tell stories. Vocal skills will get a lot more friends as a kid and much better earning power as an adult.
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Yes. We should give them pencils and slate. Whatever they write let them write. Initially they just line the slate. But it's ok. We should teach them to write and read. 

Though the age is under 3, we can give a try.
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