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Leak Location Services Inc. LLSI is the best company for leak detection, leak location testing, spark test, arc test, etc. all the relevant geomembrane leak survey services.
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Call the experts in patching a leaking roof and have them fix it to stop the leak. 

 This is actually the best thing to do, unless you wish to re-roof the entire house once again. 
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My father is good at patching any roof leak in pur hpuse. Patch it befor eit gets worst. Just buy over the counter that is waterproof patches and you can do it by yourself or ask someone who can do ot for you.

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When it comes to building a new house, every other thing is important for the house but there are some things that should never be taken lightly when it comes to getting your house building completed and it's the roofing of your building. There are some things that can be suspended when building a new house and you can still very well live in the house comfortably without any problems.

Take for instance, when it comes to getting your building painted, you can very easily overlook that and still live in your house but I'm not if it's ever possible to live in any kind of building without having it roofed. So, roofing is very important to one's building and it should be done very well in order to prevent it from leaking water too soon when the house haven't stayed for at least a minimum of 10 years.
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Sudden leak roofing can be so frustrating especially during the rainy season,the room where the leak occurs become so messy with water everywhere and it pertinent some measures is taken immediately to avoid more damage eithet to the roof or where it is actually leaking. One can use a sheet to cover where  the leak is situated, this will help keep water away from pouring inside that if it still raining.

Call in a plumber or a repairer to come check it out if one is nearby, the earlier the better to avoid the problem becoming huge.

Plan to reroof if the leaking needs new roofs, it might be action in futilty if some parts are reroofed when the leakage needs more than that.
Try to get good quality roofing sheets if the roof needs reroofing it will be a wise thing to do.
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It is nice that this company is in existence and are willing to always help out when we are talking of leaking roof of the house. When I read about a leaking roof in a building, it is always kinda of shameful for one to stay in that type of house. To be honest, you won't really feel comfortable when you are sleeping in the building where the roof is leaking, and this is one of the reasons we should try to get in contact with an expert that will ensure that they work on the roof to make it strong and sound.

Also, the challenge of a leaking roof is mostly felt during the rainy season when the rainfall is always much. This is the time that someone living in a building will have the house soaked with water all because the roof is leaking and imagine how embarrassing it can be when there is a visitor around. So, I believe that there is need to sort out issues with an expert when the roof is leaking.

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