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I have only two pairs of shoe. I have no way to buy a new show. So suggest me how to increase my shoe durability?
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You can increase it by keeping it clean and keeping it in a safe area. Me, I do not walk as everyday, sometimes I ride a public vehicle so that I can take care of my shoes. 

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First and foremost when buying shoes check whether its leather and the rubber type.

Consider the weather.Most of the shoes tore off during the rainy season.If you're outside and its raining wait first till its over and the run off water has reduced.

Consider where you're walking. Avoid the thorny places and places full of rocks.Walking in such places recklessily tores down the shoes faster.

Finally keep your shoes in good condition by polishing them each day.This way the shoes will not look old even if you wear them for 2 or 3 years.
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My suggestions, 

  • Do not use it regularly
  • Do not use in rainy season
  • Buy best brand company shoes
  • Always keep shoes clean odorless 
  • Use shoes along with socks
  • Do hard work, earn money, buy new one.
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1. Use a shoe horn so you don't crush the back edge when inserting your foot.

2. Insert shoe trees when not wearing the shoes.

3. After each use, assuming leather shoes, insert shoe trees and coat the entire shoe with a polish of the same color.

4. Use a horsehair shoe brush to lightly brush the polish to a shine.

5. Repeat 3 & 4 until you like the appearance of the result.

6. The first time you do this it might take an hour or more for each shoe. Thereafter it might take a few minutes or as much time as you care to spend.
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This is one of the problems that I faced before, I only have a few shoes like you and I always used it as a daily basis, and after a year that shoes are being damaged by daily usage, so after I graduated and started working, I earned a salary and I decided to buy at least 2-3 shoes, now I already have 4-5 shoes, and everyday I keep on changing my shoes so I can assure that I can extend my shoe life

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