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Women hardly try such in Nigeria especially if they still wish to remain in the marriage. 

If you try, there is 80% possibility of getting sent home by your husband when he gets out. 
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Well,I don't think that will be right especially if the woman is in harm because of the will be an unfortunate situation for the woman. 
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And it isn't even about the woman only. It could be either of the couples. I guess the man has no fear about the marriage ehh?
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I don't think any thing will happen to the marriage if the woman was right unless the man just want to intimidate her.
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If the wife get beaten by a husband would not hesitate to call a cop, most women are the victim of physical abuse, rarely on men.
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You're right as the weaker sex they're prone to abuse both physically and emotionally and as such the only way out is the law fighting for them.

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It saddens me to see when spouses don't get along, especially in abusive relationships. Sometimes I wonder how they got involved in the first place. Is it that the man changed along the way or the woman failed to notice the signs or red flags in the begining, whatever the case, It just breaks my heart to see them go down this ugly path.

Personally, i don't see anything wrong in a spouse calling the police on the other partner. It takes a lot of courage and a very hurtful state of of mind to make such decision. I'll like to think that such person must have endured a lot of pain and exhausted every other possible action, which didn't make a change, before resulting to calling the cops. Situations like this always involves the woman being hurt by the man.
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Yea it really takes a lot of courage for one to call cops on the another,it must be something very hurtful and can't be condoned.
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In our language, they will always say that when the animal runs a different and dangerous run, a deadly and ruthless gunshots follow. This is how I can analyze when a partner decides to call the cops on the other partner while they are in marriage or a relationship.

The fact that it is not always okay for a third party to come into the relationship does not imply that one person should now kill the other or maltreat them to the point where they won't feel loved and cared for again.

One of the major reasons partners involve the cops is when there is physical abuse and beating. In that case, it has passed the level of what can be handled at home. It is even necessary for them to do something that is going to involve writing an agreement that such wicked action won't happen again.
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Yea, I have to agree with you,if a partner wouldn't stop any bad behavior in peace then it better one involve another party if whatever it is get out of hands.
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I have watched this so many times in foreign American movies that I have seen and it's my individual deduction that it's a culture of the western world as it's something that is easily and commonly done by women most often even when there is nothing serious about why the cop was called.

This issue also spilled to their children as well because any slight problem and the children would call the police on their father without any remorse or bad feeling. I believe that western culture gave lots of rights to kids and their women but less to the husband.
Well, in my country Nigeria, it's not something that is easily done because our women have a lot of respect for their husband. Having a family problem shouldn't involve calling the police in my opinion unless the man is physically abusing the woman and her kids.
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Definitely,if the woman in is in danger,I will think getting the cop involved will be the best bet.To avoid the woman going through pains.
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It is common here in New Zealand that a woman get abuse by their husband just because the husband grow up being lonely and with no friends, it's called depression.
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Then how is this the woman fault ,a depressed person should seek the help of a counselor or an expert and not try to hurt the next person. 
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This could be really tough for either of the spouse. Your spouse is supposed to be someone that you love and cherish. Someone that you see the good in. When situation turns sour to the extent of calling the cops, it means that you do not see that good anymore. You maybe terrified and you don't feel safe anymore.
Funny how it isn't even always about hurting the other person. It could be that one spouse is a terror to others, a criminal or something very absurd that could endanger the lives of others in the society. At that point, you need to be able to make the call between your feelings and your moral obligation. As hard as it is, what is wrong remains wrong no matter whom it concerns and the circumstances surrounding the situation.
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I don't think anyone should hesitate in calling the cops when in danger. I know it sounds absurd but that's the way out. 
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Personally, I don't really see the need of calling a law enforcement agency in settling issues regarding couples that are legally married. It is not only an act of insensitity but stupidity to do a thing of such. As it often said anything that happens between couples shouldn't warrant the interference of a third party. No matter the level of misunderstanding between the both of them, they should be mature enough to handle it on their own.

I've said it times without number that marriage is not meant for the immature people. It's not for those that are marrying because they see their friends, neighbors, colleagues are doing so. Marriage is an institution that requires certain level of maturity, understanding and tolerance before venturing into it. I'll say this emphatically, that the couples must be willing to compromise and sacrifice to prevent the nonsensical occurence like calling a cop on one themselves from happening.
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But what if a women get beatwn by his husband, would you still not to call a cop for some reason?
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Well,some people act immaturely and we can't blame others when they react same.The affected partner shouldn't be quiet until something get out of hands.he or she should do the needful. 
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The woman got beaten because she married animal as husband. All she needs is not calling a cop but to file for a divorce instantly before she would get killed. Like I've said times without number marriage is not meant to be endured but to enjoy. If you find yourself in a marriage whereby you feel your worth is cheapened and your rights not respected, you should have the courage to pull out of it. It shouldn't get to the point of physical abuse before thinking of calling a cop.
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You're right,a spouse shouldn't just wait until things get really rough before bringing in the law, that's why the law is there. 
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I have a friend who called a cop because he was almost hit by his partner due to being drunk and come home having an argument all the time. And they have kids, everyone was panic because they cannot handle the drunk man. When her husband hit the wall where his wife in front of her, that's when someone called a cop. In New Zealand, even if you are verbally abuse, worst is physically abuse, you have the right as a woman to raise your voice and complain. Lot's of women are being abuse here, verbally,emotionally and most of all physically. Women has the right to raise her rights and protect herself from death. It's not easy to get away from abusive relationship nor keeping yourself away from it especially if you have children involves.
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But this is why the law is here to protect everyone,if a partner is hurtful I think it's up to the victim to call the cops.

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