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Please I would like to know how to set up one's website's security to prevent it from getting hacked.


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Definitely,it pertinent to secured one's site from being hacked,I know most times bloggers and site owners feel reluctant to secured their sites because they believe it doesn't matter or hackers can't hack the site but we can never tell,so good or bad we need to buckle up.

Some measures to be taken includes adding an SSLto one's site, this is security socket layer where one have secured connection on the site, so that no body can get into one's content.
Try to guard against attacks by installing softwares that can mitigate agsnist DDOS attack which could even bring down one site.

Create a very strong password for the admin login,so that it will be difficult for hackers to guess and use aganist the site

It pertinent not to store the site details online.Storing it away offline might be better.
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Hi, here's my take on your question.

Online world has really help our daily lives in many ways. It has also become a good platform for businesses, there are a lot of enterprises which have started or shifted their businesses online because it offers less hassle and faster transaction.

But with every good things that happens, there will also be bad ones. For online businesses, these are the hackers and scammers. It does not just affect the company alone but also its customers. Eventually, it will also create distrust among customers regarding their privacy.

Privacy and being trustworthy is one of more important factors in an online business, if hackers are constantly able to go through your site, it will have a bad effect on your business. But there are available software and service providers who specializes in website protection and enhancement. Better invest on these because it ensures you a better website and loyal customers.

To guarantee your customers of privacy and safety, there are also certificates and badges awarded to websites who is successful in guarding their sites on hackers and fraud. Better to avail this and display as an evidence for your customers to be certain that their information is safe.

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