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From what I have read on several articles online about hacking, there is always something that enabled the hacker to be successful in breaching your account. 

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There are many ways by which hackers get hold of our account and hack into it,so people just have to be very careful so as not to be way which is very rampant is through our stored username and password on our browser,that is why is not wise to leave our username and password on our browsers.
Another way is through email hacking what they do is to get the email used to create the Facebook account and reset one's password and the account is easily accessed.
Careless usage of one's phone if the hacker have access to one's phone maybe physically or through a software, it will be easy for a hacker to take over the account by changing the password.
Another error is when we access our account through a non secured connection our login data might be stolen by hackers.
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Sure, there are things that hackers usually have access to before they can hack Facebook account. If you noyicce lately, you will see a very close friends account suddenly change name and all pictures vanish at once. It is not anything farther than the work of the hackers. The next they do after getting your Facebook account is to start sending friend request to new people since all your former friends will be deleted. They get hold of the new friend and scam them.
Another thing they usually do is to keep the Facebook name and start using it to share bad stuffs like sex pictures and videos. It is just not funny.

Recently, a beautiful lady sent me friend request and I accepted. The first message I got from her was ; a request for my Facebook password for her to help me activate mtn free browsing on my account. So I gave her wrong code. Next thing she blocked me.

I think the first thing they do is to be among your friend list, get access to sensitive data's like phone number,full date of birth and many more.
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