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The month of December is one where we get to see a lot of good things happening and this is something that I always take a look at when we are getting close to Christmas. Right from the time that I was a kid, I don't ever joke with anything that has to do with Christmas and Santa Claus. I think that taking part in all the activities that involves the Santa Claus is something that I can't miss for anything.

The Santa Parade is always a great event where I am staying and the good thing about it is that I always have to travel some miles to join the parade. The one done last year was pretty interesting as I went with my smart phone and taking pictures is something that I did on that day. Also, I always enjoy dressing the way of the Santa Claus when I am joining this Parade as well.
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Santa parade is always a delight for kids and most kids don't missed it but this is one thing I never participated in even though it was a fun thing for kids. Maybe because my mum didn't really liked it because she never for once wanted us to join the train. Though we could be spectators and watch all the activities and what the parade have to offer but we weren't allow to participate.
I'm thinking of getting my kids involved when they come of age and they can be left alone to parade. It will help them have good childhood memories of it when they have grown. It what parents should allow kids be part of during their period since it all about fun and merriment. I wish my parents had allowed us then so that we could have fond memories of it now.
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This question takes me back to the old days when being a kid was way much fun than being an adult. Off course I loved going to or witnessing any activity which involved Santa Claus, or Father Christmas as we call him in my country. It was really fascinating to see this big bearded guy from the northpole looking all red, always happy, kind, smilling and dashing out gifts to children. I always made sure to be in line whenever there's was an opportunity to meet him face to face.
However, now as an adult, after finding out that Santa class was just an adult way of innocently fooling kids into believing in figmnts and fairy tales, a Santa clause parade doesn't top my agender anymore. Although it's still fun to be around such activities, i barely get to participate in any of them. Maybe when I have kid of my own, i might just bounce back to enjoying Santa activities one more. By stating bounce back, i mean doing to my kids what our parents did to us.

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