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Can we resort on survey sites alone for making a living. How much money can I earnb per day through survey websites?
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I can say no, because survey is not consistent and your income online do the same.
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Earnings from survey is very small to do you any good. It's not even enough for drinks. 
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No, definitely not. Survey payouts are very low, and there's no way you'll be able to live off of them. Furthermore, they're usually low-reward and very time-consuming. 

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There are companies that would have you believe that you can make $75 for one survey, but I've never seen this ever online. The major problem with survey sites is the lack of surveys that you are qualified to take or the fact a company will invite you to surveys and then disqualify you.

Many survey sites are online and have apps that you can install on your mobile device. However, they basically post the same surveys on several different sites at once. Therefore, if you took the survey on one site, qualified, and were paid for the survey, you can't take it again and be paid.

Most people are lucky to receive 1 or 2 surveys a week that they are paid for. Normally they will earn $0.05 to $0.20 per survey. Today, many survey sites have had to add other means of making money from the site. They have offer walls where you can sign up for offers, click on ads, watch videos or download apps to earn a few cents for your work.

I have never met a person who could live or make a living on surveys alone. In the past, this was a bit more reasonable than it is today.
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There are even survey site that claim you can earn $300per month which is not true.
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Yes its very possible especially if you're from the top tier countries, you can purely make a living from surveys. There are really good number of survey sites that I know and some of them include:

   Citizenme,street bees, mobrog,global test market, grab points among other many survey sites.In case you're in need of other survey site I'll suggest you go to beer money forum and theirs a whole list of survey sites with more information and reviews given by people with payment proofs.

For those in other countries who can't easily qualify for the surveys due to geographical locations, then you better sharpen your writing skills and try acquiring some more skills like transcribing.
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 My answer to your question is yes but one can't expect much money from these survey sites, 

• surveys works well for tier 1 countries.Im doing surveys as for now,I can suggest you few sites if you are really interested. I have cashed out from few sites too.

• The sites are global test market,viewfruit,toluna,mobrog, thepanelstation.

• I recommend you to join thepanelstation and toluna ,you gov ..these survey sites are pretty easy to work with.i received many payments from them.

Hope this helps you.
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With almost all revenue sharing sites paying peanuts and some even broken peanuts for your time, energy and content when you cannot make a living with online earning, how can you make it with survey sites alone? It is highly impossible. My experience with survey sites is that they will collect some information from you and say either 'you do not qualify for this survey' or 'there is no survey available at this time'.
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To answer to your question i really cannot say for sure that we can rely on surey sites only. For starters i have been there and i was so disappointed. Survey sites are like a one time thing, yes they have worked for some, but i can say they are  not that reliable. You have to have other sites to work on to earn better. You cannot depend on them because they come once in a you get work then you have to wait for close to a month to get another survey to do, the payments also sometimes take too long to be paid. Others don't pay, they may give you a survey, you do it then later on they tell you that you do not qualify, that really demotivates someone.

 They are just not consistent for me as much as you put your time and effort on it sometimes its a waste of time really. Another disadvantage is that there are people who are using survey sites to steal ideas from other people to benefit from them. Too many scams have come up, and instead of giving people a platform to make themselves better they tend to scare them away.

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