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I have been visiting zoo twice and seen lot of species and different animals that I have only seen on pictures, like elepehant, tiger, lion, ostricth, different monkey species, tortoise, different birds, etc.
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I have owned a peacock in the past, dogs, cat, pig, cock etc.

Although, I have seen so many wild animals in the zoo. Examples, lion, tiger, wolf etc. 
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Africa is known for wild animals, bird species, and so much more. For me i have had an opportunity to see many bird species,,snakes,giraffe's,elephants,lions,cheetahs, leopards,,wild beast, pigeons, peacock and so much more.

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When you live in the African continent, you are definitely going to be seeing lots of animals, both domestic and wild animals which you might not be able to identify their names and origins. You are simply going to see them in existence and be surprised that they ever existed.
I have gone to the zoo several times on more than one occasion and I have seen lots of amazing animals which I have equally seen in the NatGeo Wild television documentary, although there are so many wild animals that I have seen in the NatGeo Wild television documentary but I'm yet to see them in real life.

But I have seen some wild animals in the thick forest in my country when I was still a teenager and enjoyed hunting. Some looked very ugly while some look good. I have seen deer, antelope, frogs, ducks, monkeys, ape, crocodiles etc.
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It was scary the last time that I went to the zoo which was more than ten years ago. It was part of the excursion that the school planned then that we are going to visit the airport as well as have access to the zoo. Getting to the zoo was a whole new experience for me as we were greeted first by the presence of the monkeys that we saw at the first cage at the gate. This animal always look happy to me in the way that they jumped from one place to another. Actually, I came with a banana and giving it to the monkey was a happy month for me.

The next stop was getting to see the elephant and the lion and that was where I felt weak shoulders and felt like the ground will open so that I will enter. However, at the end of that excursion, I got to see other animals like tortoise, and while they had no tiger, getting to see the lion was enough for me.
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I have only seen an elephant in the movies but I was told that it is a very common animal in Thailand.

My grandmother still have a tortoise today in the village. 
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I have encounter different species of animals right from high school where we used to go for excursions and sight seeing at different zoos, resorts,terrains and ranchs. It always times I was always excited and looking forward to see new animals and I wasn't disappointed at all especially at the new haven Zoo, the zoo really had endangered species like antelopes, python, lion, tiger, baby crocodiles and medium sized and birds that different species of birds. Another time I had the opportunity of visiting the drill ranch where there are monkeys I have never seen before same with baby's gorrillas then at the ranch I had fun with the cow and even try to milked them too. I just love animals maybe because I have had pets since childhood.
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