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I am trying to do do exercise daily even if its just for 10 minutes but I forgot most of the days.
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If you are still new to working out, this is something that is very common with everyone. 

Just make it a point of duty to exercise every morning before taking your bath. It's the only way to getting you used to it and never forget. 
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I don't exercise everyday, buti make a point to workout at least 4 times a week which is good for me. Exercising keeps me alert, and energetic i don't feel tired all the time. 

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There are some people who have gotten so used to working out every day that it's impossible for them not to exercise every day. Once they miss out on working out, it would be like they destroyed something so special in their daily life routine or schedule.
Working out regularly is very important for one's health and fitness, so it's very well encouraged to participate in exercises as much as possible to make sure you are healthy and well. Now, the number of hours you invest in working out is what should go a very long way in determining whether you can effectively be working out every day without breaking down or having any side effects. If you are just working out for at least a minimum of 30 minutes every day, I think that it's very possible to be exercising on daily basis.
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I'm on a weight loss journey,so exercising daily is like a routine for me and it pertinent that all humans add a little level of exercises to their daily routine because of it's health benefits even if it's for 10 mins it will really go a long way to help the body.

I exercise at least 30 mins daily this will help keep my heart rate up which inturns will help me lose weight all day,so my weight loss journey isn't really tasking.

Exercises helps to build the bones and muscles which help build us up giving us the needed stamina and making us have better body's posture and structure.

Exercise help one to lose weight and have a better weight rate, hereby helping us to fight diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and also every other weight related diseases.
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Keeping fit on a daily basis is an act that we all should be looking at adopting as this is one of the ways that we can get to enjoy the benefits of having to look fit and hearty. Believe it or not, I have been doing this form of exercising for a long period of time which I all about trying to work on my abs, arms and legs so as to provide the perfect balance that is needed for the body.

One thing that I have noticed about exercising is that you should be religious and consistent with it. I is an act that we are going to take serious and pick out a time that is convenient for us to be doing it. While I was that person that always wake up late, I have had to adjust and start waking up early all in the name of trying to keep up with the work that I do. I have added muscles to my arms which is pretty okay as well.
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Exercise should be part of every person's daily regimen. Exercise enhances multiple systems in the body and its affects on appearance are an extra benefit. Specifically walking, running, biking, swimming and many other exercises of this nature enhance cardiac and pulmonary function. Those who exercise tend to weigh less, control their diets better, lose less days from work/school and have more resistance to diseases. Obesity, a world-wide problem, is markedly less in a well exercised individual. In addition to the enumeration of exercises noted previously calisthenics, light to medium weights and basic isometric exercises, performed on a regular basis, may increase longevity. I have been performing a similar regimen of exercises for decades which I believe have kept me healthy and out of the doctors office. My workout takes 20-30 minutes. This excludes walking and other cardio workouts I do. Start the exercise habit early. After a while it becomes ingrained into your mind. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. Mark Davis, MD
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I trained my body to get use to daily exercise. This is one of the things I can say I didn't actually learn my self. But I can only say I build on it. There was this particular young bachelor whose flat was next to our own when I was born as I was told the story.  So,when I was  3-4years of age, he started liking me and became close that he hardly alloe e to  stay in our flat. So every morning when he is ready for road walk or morning jugs. He usually takes me along especially by weekend when he know i won't go school. It all continued like that till when I graduated from primary school and he started taking me to gym. He monitor me till I got use to exercise and grow to love it.

Now after the every early morning road walk I still go to my volleyball field to exercise every evening. It makes me fit and eat well... I encourage you to get a partner  to always remind you and a

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