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Am not much of a social media person, but I have social accounts with quiet a handful of the most popular social media sites.
I have a Facebook personal accountant also two facebook page accounts. Am not sure of the exact number of friends I have on my personal Facebook account, but am certain they are well over 1k. I have more than 5k followers on both facebook pages. This is because both facebook pages are used for promoting my blogs and website.
Om my twitter account, i think I have more than a 1k following. I barely use twitter like most people, most of my tweets are aimed at promoting my blog and website just like that of my facebook pages. Instagram on the other hand lacks adequate following because I can't even remember the last time I used my account. I also have a LinkedIn account, a flickr account and a pintrest account too.
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I'm not really a social media person though I'm on different platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc but I rarely login to them. But the one I try to be a bit active is Facebook, maybe because alot of people I know are on the platform than any other social media.

And again I prefer Facebook more to other platforms since we are intereacting , connecting and reconnecting on Facebook than other social media  . I have about 121 friends on my Facebook account and most are really close friends and family, I don't do the accepting all friends request, I don't do that. No accepting of friend request from total strangers I'm just trying to very careful here.

So I might believe that I'm more into Facebook than any other social media.
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Honestly, I am not the type who is into social media, but once in a while I do log in into one or two social media platforms. I don't really see the need of spending too much time on social media all for the fun of chatting. I only use them to connect when it's necessary to establish gainful interaction with a close friend or family member.

Maybe once or twice in a day I do log in into Facebook to check some of the pages I liked, which supply me vital inspirational messages and news headlines going around in the world. The reason I have much preference for Facebook is because it enables me to check update on the timeline on what is going on with my family members and close friends.

Apart from Facebook, another social media I make use of once in a blue moon is WhatsApp messanger. I only use it to chat with friends having important info for me.

Apparently, Facebook and WhatsApp messanger are the only social media platforms I am on, and the follows I have are only close friends and family members.
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I used the Facebook and Twitter and on both I have about 450 and 600 friends and followers respectively. I also used  these platforms to check for latest news around the world and share my interest as well.
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Yes, social media is a good platform to make a friend. And the biggest social media platform is Facebook in my opinion. You can meet every kind of people good people, bad people. I have some social media account such as Facebook Instagram whatapp.
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It's definitely Facebook. I saw that Facebook users grown into 100 million plus last 2017.
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I don't have many friends or followers on Instagram or Facebook. It depends on how social you are and the time you spend on this social media
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Honestly, I have so many social media accounts. I do not use them that often because it is not productive in some ways. I prefer being here than squandering my time with social media. One thing for sure, there is so much fake news posted by irresponsible users.
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You are right  Most sites were flooded with fake news. That's why I'm also not interested in those sites......
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I am on Facebook and I have very few followers.I have forgotten my password but Instagram and Pinterest also because I do not login and I have 150 followers..
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Social media has brought in many changes among them making communications becoming easier between persons across the globe. 

I use WhatsApp and Twitter most of the time. I do have a moderate number of followers whom we share, discuss ideas. 
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I actually does not like have a lots of followers but I am not a popular person so I don’t have a lots of followers but in Facebook I have some nearly 50 friends 
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Most of people here have Facebook because I have many friends and some followers 
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am in facebook,but am not too popular in,and also in Instagram about 60 peoples are following me and am following 50 peoples because am not to popular and I hate instagraming
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I frequently use Facebook. I have 3,000+ friends and majority of it is a Filipino. It is really convenient and has an easy access like in our country where we have limited source of internet, Facebook is still accessible even with problems in signal.
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