To answer this question a person should have some knowledge of the technology built into these vehicles and their limitations. Part of the answer may be the consideration that electric vehicles have not evolved far enough to replace their gas powered counterparts.
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On answering the question if such cars can be produced, I can tell you vehemently that it's very possible.

The only thing that is still keeping it from coming into reality is that the world still value oil and petrol very well. 
I believe it is possible we will be driving electric cars and I'm waiting for it to come to pass and it should be too expensive for people to buy.

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The world is evolving at that rate where I have strong belief that there is a possibility that electric cars will have a better future. When I look at the way that everyone is having high dependency on motors that is being powered by petroleum and crude oil products, it is a worry to me since when the price of crude oil is high in the market, the cost of the products is likely to increase and this is something that I sometimes have a thought about.

When we have a blend of electric cars and petroleum cars in the world, it is going to make a nice choice for those that are looking at getting things working out for them at the end of the day. I agree that electric car may have some setbacks when they are being assembled in the beginning, but I see a nice future ahead.
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If you have ever been into watching science fiction movies, you would come to the conclusion and understand that the future of car automobiles resides in getting all automobiles to be electrically and solar powered in the future.

Seriously, if you take a closer look at how technological advancement is going on in the world today, you are definitely going to realize that getting our automobiles to become electricity powered technology isn't going to take longer than we expected.

In my opinion, the only thing that is still probably holding the leap towards this advancement is still because the world still relies on petrol so much and moving automobiles to be electrically powered would mean the end of complete dependence on oil.
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I am not sure but it's not possible either. Nowadays,some people are embracing and accepting new technology that arises. But what I am concerned with these electric cars is, because it operated electrically, will it be safe? The answer would be no. half of the generations would like to have one but half will prefer the old ways. Imagine you are not operating your car because your operator is the the voice inside your car. There is high percentage of accident will occur every now and then on the street. If human can have a mistake while driving because their car refuse to follow what the driver wanted it do. I don't think it will become the norms of every family to have an electric car, because for me petrol car are more better than this.
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Definitely,the electric car has a future because everyone is looking out for it in the future. Car owners are looking forward to when they will own that which wouldn't need oil or gas to drive therefore saving one's money from gas buying. And again it is on record that car powered by electric tend to last longer than gasoline powered cars.
Apart from the battery replacement with electric cars I think the pros of the electric car outweigh every other cons of the electric car and most importantly I like the fact that it helps reduce emissions unlike the conventional cars and it is more economical.
Electric cars are swift to respond and have very good torque. Despite the fact that it really expensive now but I think it will be very useful and I see people buying it in the future.
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I believe electric cars have a great future and they are very beneficial for us and our environment. As we are heading towards saving our environment as well as fuel. So, electric cars are a good option to choose and make our future in it. We all need a cheap way to travel. As the prices of fuel are rising very rapidly, so taking the option of Electric Car is very good. Overall, not only car, I'll say Electric vehicles would be very successful in future. It just needs awareness from the public to choose electric vehicles in place of engine fuel vehicles. 

The electric cars not only save fuel but would be easy to handle, produce minimum air pollution, less sound pollution. It might be possible that in near future we can cover a large distance through electric cars... Read More. Click Here

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Electric cars are basically non gasoline, fuel or diesel powered engine vehicles, they are quiet different from our conventional vehicles. Most electric cars use an electric motor powered by electricity and served through batteries, or a fuel cell. This means that a vast majority of electric cars are either battery or hydrogen powered.

If all stated above is the same understanding you have about electric vehicles, then I definitely think electric vehicles have a future, a future where they will dominate and take over from fuel based vehicles. We've already seen a huge strive taken in other forms of transportation like rail transportation which are mostly powered by electricity or other forms of energy asides fuel. Recently, an electric powered airplane completed flight test to maximum satisfaction. It's only a matter of time before cars follow in these path.

Recently, the world has to come to accept the fact that our planet is heating up and drastic steps need to be taken in order have a conducive and better earth in the future. Am talking about global warming. Though some process involved in industrialization has been partially labeled as part causes of global warming, the key factor which the world has all agreed as major cause of global warming is the continuous burning of fossil fuel and emissions of gases into the earth's atmosphere. This is one major reason why electric cars will be the future.

Countries like France and China which are leading nations in the production of cars have already started to engage in a process which in a few years will see them transition completely from producing fuel based cars to electric powered vehicles. France has said by 2022, almost all fuel cars will no longer be in production thereby leading to electric cars dominating their markets. It's only a matter of time before other countries follow in their steps.

Going back to the question, electric cars as of now are still in the processes of advancing to becoming more reliable. Most of the electric cars available are time based with regards to their generated power. I think best i've seen is an electric car that can last between 60 - 200 miles at most before it requires charging. Hence, i won't say electric cars have evolved to a standard that they can be substituted for fuel based cars for now.
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Yes, the rise in the price of oil and fuel influences people to choose electric cars. In future most of the people will use electric cars compared to fuel and oil cars.
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The Indian Government gunning for its goal of making 30% of Indian Electric Vehicles by 2030.The steps taken in 2019 to promote in the countries Include : Special Policy measures such as slashing GST on EVs to 5% versus 28% for combustion engines.
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