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Everyone has a favorite website that they like to work on to earn a passive income. What is yours?

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I used to write in different forums several years back. There was an ad revenue sharing system those days by adding our Google Adsense code into those forums. But now it is against google's rule. So such forums stopped that feature. Now I am here on Answeree. Actually I joined this site not for earning but as a hobby. I was writing in quora for years but now only rarely I does. So for a change I searched for similar sites and I got this name from quora itself. Earlier there was no any kind of earning system on Answeree. But now this site seems good. Brilliant heads behind this. I am sure (at least I hope so) one day this Answeree will be an another quora like platform and quora will go behind like yahoo answers.
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Ive used several different websites . Ive been a freelancer for 9 years now and ever since day 1 upwork (previously odesk) is the best website. It has changed a lot over the years but is still an excellent website to make some consistente money regardless of your profession.

Other websites are also good such as quora, fiverr, etc really gave me no money.
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I'll consider working in such sites like Yahoo and quora but at the end of the day I'll not have compensation for my data and time.Getting little token once in a while is appreciative.

Have been working in several forums, others have paid me and then scammed later on.I worked on money gold forum,forum for u and dollar wise forum.Money gold and dollar wise scammed and went with all the cash that had earned.Forum for u is still existing although its posting limit is 400 words thus pushed people away.

Also am working on beer money forum and forum coin.To add to that am also on microjob sites ad they're Microworkers and picoworkers.

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