Do you have any secrets for keeping your teeth white? - Answeree
Some people are heavy smokers or avid coffee drinker. This will end up staining your teeth and turing them yellow. What do you do to keep your teeth white?
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in order to keep teeth healthy and white even if they are heavy smokers and avid coffee drinker is to brush your teeth 3 times a day and you can also use floss if you're not going to brush your teeth after eating. just to avoid cavity.  for the home remedies you can use baking soda this is tried and tested it will make your teeth white and shinny. you can use it everyday together with your toothpaste. 
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Brush your teeth after everything you eat or at least 3 times a day after each main meal
avoid smoking
floss once a day everyday
avoid coffee
have your teeth cleaned every 6 months at the dentist
use good quality toothpaste

*be careful with whitening toothpaste or toothpaste that seem to have "sand" on it. They damage your enamel instead of making your teeth white.
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The secret behind keeping your teeth white is simple and you don't have to strain yourself so much. First you need to keep off from sugary stuffs, snacks with high sugar content, khat, cigarettes and bhang. When sugar accumulates in your teeth it attracts bacteria. The moment your teeth are a host to bacteria that's the begging of dental disorder. Chewing sugarcane and carrots does not only keep your teeth strong but brushes them as well. Ensure you take milk regularly since it's good for your teeth. And of cause brush your teeth at least twice a day. Good luck.
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-Brushing your teeth after every meal,that's like three times a day.It keeps your white maintain their white colour and also keeps the mouth fresh.

-It depends with someone's toothpaste.Always go for such toothpaste that contain herbal ,avoid cheap toothpaste that are being sold in the  streets. 

Avoid stuff like cigarettes and smoking drugs in general because they stain your teeth and unfortunately that stain might end up being permanent if you don't change.
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I do brush my teeth twice a day. I brush with baking soda instead of any tooth paste. That make my teeth white. I do oil pulling twice a week. 
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