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I want to know which is the best blogging site to start a free blog together with monetizing my content?

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It is a well-known fact that WordPress is the top free blog or website hosting online these days. They offer you free templates and hosting to start your own blog or website. You can create as many blogs as you wish on this site for free. The company will host your domain name for free, however, you'll have a domain name that looks like You can always have the WordPress extension removed from your domain name when you sign up for a yearly subscription with the company and purchase a domain name from them.

I like WordPress because they make it easy to monetize your blog and keep track of your site visitors, comments, and they have an excellent spam filter to stop all the trash from being posted on your site. You can easily link your social media account to your WordPress blog, add your RSS feeds and so much more.

Blogspot would be the second choice if you want to create a free blog. They have a great free account you can use. I'm not so familiar with the features of this site, I just didn't like the layout or the templates to use. I liked the themes and templates that WordPress has to offer. What is great too about WordPress is the fact you can change your templates at any time and the blog will move right over. Plus if you ever want to go to another hosting company it is easy to move your blog to this company. They have excellent widgets and plug-in that you can use. If you want to add widgets, you'll need to pay for hosting and this normally will mean buying the most expensive hosting from them. Otherwise, copy and move your blog to another paid hosting service and have access to the widgets you want to use. The only real draw ack about sticking around with WordPress and using them as your hosting service once you paid the domain name is the fact you can't add advertising to your blog on this hosting service. But you can on another hosting service.
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If monetization is your primary motive blogger is a better option because you can not only use adsense on your blogspot blog but even apply for adsense. You cannot use adsensed on other free blogs.
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For me, I would have to say WordPress is the best blogging site to start a free blog. It's important that you get to have your own domain name so that it would be easier for you to monetize your blog for ads and affiliate links once you have enough traffic. I also love how you can choose to personalize your blog based on your personality with the great themes that they offer for your free blog. You also get to choose different plug-ins for your blog to be more friendly for Search Optimization Engines. I have used this platform to create several websites of my own and I really find it user-friendly. =)

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