Is tricycles popular in your country?

How often do you see people driving it around? 
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In the Philippines,tricycle or motorcycles are very popular as regular transportation by many.

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Tricycles are really popular in my country now. They are popularly called "keke" and are used for commercial transportation just like motorcycles and cars. At one time, we didn't have enough of them moving from one place to another. With the latest regime especially in the state where I live, you can now see tricycles everywhere you turn.

They are in fact better and safer than motorcycles. You find that people will hardly take a bike unless there's no tricycle available. Personally, I prefer to wait until I come by one. Matter of fact I boarded about three different tricycles today.
It would be awesome if these tricycles could replace motorcycles but that would mean putting a lot of people out of their livelihood.
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Tricycles which is known as Keke marwa is really popular in my country I know yesrs ago it was in existence but wasn't really popular because we still had motorcycles then but because of the rampant cases of accident which left people dead or seriously wounded made the governor of my state to outrightly banned motorcycles, so since then like 10 years ago still now tricycles has become like the main means of transportation here.

I prefer this to the motorcycles since it more convenient and a passenger can seat comfortable in it than the has a roof too which keeps both the passenger and driver safe from climatic conditions like rain,sun and dust.

Riding the tricycle is a good source of income too for commercial drivers.
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We never used to have this mode of transport before in our country, but of late it has become a favorite of many. Everywhere you go there is the use of tricycles and motor bikes everywhere. People find them much faster and more convenient when it comes to keeping time. As opposed to the other means of transport like buses and mini vans. Though it has become a menace to the whole country. They are too many and when they are in the middle of town, they cause a lot of commotions and creating jams where there shouldn't be any jam. Another inconvenience is theft, this has become a constant headache for a lot of people. They are now being used by thieves to rob people, and doing all sorts of crimes all over the place. It has become a constant pain to the government to try and get them out of town but it's much harder than they thought.
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In the United States, tricycles are not seen very frequently on the road by adults. However, on occasion, I do see motorcyclists riding a tricycle on the interstate or around the city. In most cases, tricycles are ridden by toddlers and young children, who are learning to ride a bicycle.
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