What's the safest means of transportation?

Is it by land, air or sea? 
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I will go with the statistics of dead recoreded by each mode of transportation.Going by records I can conclude that air transportation is the safest means of transportation.Going by the numbers given online it only 0.07 rate of dead through transportation is by flight while the other means rate are higher so we can convincingly give the air transportation the pass mark.
Even in my country Nigeria we hardly have plane crashes unlike water and road accident that is recorded daily and it most times it isn't about injuries alot result in dead.So air transportation  isn't about safest too but also the fastest.

With air transportation the pilot and crew are ell trained and they have their license to fly but with other means alot of the drivers are not well trained.
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In spite the fact one out of all the means of transportation was picked as safest, doesn't necessarily mean others are dead traps. Basically, all means of transportation are safe depending on the precautionary measures deliberately taken into consideration by the person in charge. Moreso, sometimes there are other factors that interfere with the safety of these means of transportation.

Let's take for example road as a means of transportation, you would notice sometimes that cause of accident on the road is not the vehicle itself, but the road the vehicle is being used. Same is applicable to air, which comes as first as the least safe means of transportation followed by road.

However, water happens to be the safest among them all. And I guess this is so because of how slow it is during the course of conveying people to their various destination. That brings to mind that the safety of these means of transportation is directly proportional to the speed at which they travel.
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Regardless of individual opinions on this subject, I personally think the safest mode of transportation will be either water transport or air transport. But if i was forced to choose, i'll simply go with water transport.
Water transport is by far the safest mode of transportation because cases of accident are rarely recorded as opposed to air and road transport. Air transport also has a low record of accident compared to road transportation. But I must admit, in accident situations involving water and air transport, the fatality is usually high, and in almost all cases, the entire passengers as well as crew are lost. And as you know, air and water transport carry more passengers at one time than road transport. So, the fatality record in a single air or water transport accident will amount to tens of road accident fatality. This is the major flaw on the supposed safe mode of transportation.
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From a human perspective, we cannot say there is a safe means of transport. Whether it's by air or by land or sea. We have heard of people who have capsized with ships in the deep waters, planes crash, cars collide with each other, so really there is none that has an surety that things that are being transported will arrive safely. It's all about the mindset, when you are about to hit that road, are you going in your own strength or are you putting God to go ahead of you. We can use any means so long as we trust in God and his power we will get to where we are going safely. It's all about God who guides us and protects us from distractions in our lives. We might say air is the best because the air is controlled but crashes still happen. And its the same for all the others it's all about the grace of God.
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