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What is the appropriate time to eat one's breakfast? 

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3 Answers

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I used to eat my breakfast latest 7am in the called breakfast because we need to break the fast we had since the previous night and I think taking it at least from 7-9 am in the morning is appropriate.

Taking breakfast in the morning as early as possible comes with it's own benefits like being alert and having a good memory for different activities we will be engage in the day. Breakfast gives us the needed energy to go about our normal duties efficiently and effectively without breaking down and with the right energy we can carry out our jobs effortlessly.

Taking breakfast early can help one lose weight and uplift mental alertness through all the nutrients that the food we eat during breakfast will provide.
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The best time to take breakfast is by 7-9am. This is the time the body needed it most. Human body system is design to go to bed latest by 8pm and after the sleeping you're expected to wake around 5am. The system detoxification is expected to have bring completed between 8pm to 5am in the morning. Then, you're expected to do a soft exercise between the hour of 5am to 6am because the blood is expected to be at the liver then. So between the hour of 6-7am the blood vessel is expected to be at the large intestineint and it will stay there between 7-9am expecting the food rather tto transport them to every part.
Thus, breakfast is expected between 7-9am for a perfect systematic body functioning. You will observe that when you change the routine of breakfast, you tend to have run up stomach for few days before it normalized.
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Going by what I was taught in home economy, that breakfast should be eaten from moment one wake up before 8pm. And if it exceeds this hour, it is no longer appropriate for the purpose it is meant for. Ideally, the main reason for this is because breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, because during the night hours all the food one ate before going to bed must've been used up for the necessary body functioning before the next morning. And so, it is considered apt for there to be immediate replenishment via eating of breakfast instantly after wake up.

As for me, this rule doesn't really work because I only eat when I am hungry, that's after emptying my bowel. Meaning that if it's morning my system has not made me to visit the loo, I will not eat breakfast until I'll do so, even if it's noon.
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