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When do you normally eat your dinner?

At what time would you consider it to be appropriate and inappropriate for someone to eat his or her dinner? 

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I think dinner should be tops 6pm.where one will still have about an hour or two to do things or just walk around before sleeping for those like me that  sleeps early. It isn't really good to just finish dinner and the next minute one is sleeping. The body should be given enough time for digestion before sleeping so that one can sleep properly to avoid tiredness and weakness during sleep.
Eating dinner and jumping to sleep can slow ones metabolism, hereby making the food that was eaten be stored as fat in the body and this can lead to weight gain or even obesity and we know this leads to high blood pressure and diabetes, so it better we eat early so that we can burn off some calories before sleeping.

I personally have stomach upset when I sleep on very heavy stomach.
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Dinner in my own understanding is a food eaten in the evening for the purpose of body sustenance till morning. So the most appropriate time to eat dinner is between the hour of 6-7pm. Though, depending on the weather and earth changing. If the location you find your self on the earth experience long day and short night. Then you're expected to eat dinner early not minding that its not night yet. But if it is shorter day and longer night. Then, you should take dinner around 7-7:30pm. The both adjustments should be made accurately to avoid the system being empty before the next hour to eat reaches. However, dinner food should not be heavy since the body system won't stay longer before going or retiring to bed or sleep.
Detoxification will then be much easier.
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If we really want to go by what is obtainable, dinner shouldn't be eaten beyond 8pm. But unfortunately, most people don't even know the health benefits of eating their dinner before this hour. Many people are ignorant about this dinner eating hour that you can even see them eating by 12midnight. No wonder there are so many obese people in the world this day. Even those that claim they are practicing healthy eating and fitness regime still find themselves erring in this area of their well being.

Basically, why people are advised to be eating dinner early, is that doing so enable their body to digest the food before going to the bed. This practice actually prevents overweight. Food eating at late hour is healthy for one's health. And if one really want to eat anything beyond 8pm, it should strictly be fruits, not heavy foods.

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