Does mid night prayers work more than any other time.? - Answeree
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For me it does not really what time you pray as long as it comes from heart.

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Not at all, it's just a misconception about prayer and which time of the day it's effective the most. Prayer said at any time of the day can be answered by God. Prayer does not have specific time for it to be effective, neither does God designate particular time for him to hearken to our prayers. As long a prayer is said with utmost sincerity and believing that it has already be answered before saying it, the prayer must get to God, and if it does, it must be answered.
More seriously, the God we serve which we also pray to, is not a God that sleep nor slumber. If it were to be God is only active at night, that's when it would've been He only answer prayers during such hours.
I actually know where this misconception is stemming from, because it is believed that during night times is when witches and wizards gather in their covens. But that does not mean that's when God can accept prayers targeted to disrupt their diabolic activities.
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I would not say yes or no, because prayers is prayers, whether you pray at night, during the day, while driving, while in the office doing your work, it is just prayers.

But what i love with mid night prayers is that, at that time many people are asleep, there is no so much noise, so when you are praying you feel the quietness of the environment and that way its very easy to even feel the presence of the LORD around you. You feel more connected with GOD and you feel the breakthrough of you prayers.

When people are rolling around in their beds you are there seeking the face of GOD also shows that you value GOD more than even your own life and that is what GOD is interested in. It is important to always be prayerful not only in mid night but always. Lets be people who are always grateful to GOD, people who are consistently seeking GOD.
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Okay it doesn't matter what time you pray, God will acknowledge your prayers. Because it's the thought that counts. When you are praying, you know what it is your praying about, and we have different kinds of prayers. We have asking prayers, healing prayers and warfare. So for me i feel all the other prayers are okay to pray during the day, but when it comes to warfare prayers it is better to do them at night. We are told that the devil watches our every move, he waits for every opportunity to get hold of people who are vulnerable, and at night between 12 midnight and 3am in the morning, that is when he is most active. So when you are praying in thr spirit, and you are binding spirits what better time to do it than during the day. It is at this time when there are no distractions, or any kind of interruptions, so it's easier to pray.
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The purity of your heart counts when it comes to prayer not necessarily the time of the day. After all the Bible says pray without ceasing which means prayer should be a continuous process. A prayer from a pure heart connects higher faster than one from an evil minded person.
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