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What are the practical tips you know?
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Be thankful and be happy of what you have and don't stress out easily.
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Meeting your personal life goals is among the best way I'm aware of that would make you age gracefully in peace and happiness. 
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Yea,no doubt I know a glad heart beautify the mind and body. It good to always smile away worries to remain beautiful.  
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You're right. Nothing worries one like having unfulfilled dreams it can so make one be unstable and haggard looking. 
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Don't worry about your looks. That's the true way to age gracefully. Don't spend it trying to look thirty years younger. Embrace your age.

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This is a very easy task to achieve ,if one is rightly guided primarily by God then your ability to discover how you wish to look at certain age in life especially the old ages of 60 years above. The old age is mostly determine by how good one is able to utilize his young age.
The first tip is for you to know at a youthful stage you are more strong and energetic but that shouldn't encourage to over work yourself beyond normal,  observe enough rest as at when due,  do little of tedious jobs.
You need to be very watchful of the kind of food you consume especially high sugary food will be very disastrous at your old age because they cause diabetes but if you take more of fruits,  moderate carbohydrates, proteins and all other classes of food.
More of exercise will always makes you active and younger so excersice is also important
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I agree with you exercising daily us also very helpful to make one energetic, strong and healthy. It helps us maintain our youthful looks 
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Exercise has made people who are in their 70's to look like people at 50's,  such people are also watchful of what they eat with respect to time. 
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I agree, at youthful age we can do anything but do not overdo because life is unpredictable.
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That's just the Truth,we can't be sure of what life can throw at us anytime so we need to abide with what will be good for us.
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When it comes to aging gracefully, there are few but profound key tips that one must strictly adhered to. Basically, aging gracefully is actually talking about one looking completely a contrast to what the person is suppose to like in regards to the exact age of the person. In other words, the person should be looking far more younger than the person's real age. But if reverse is the case, that mears the person is not aging gracefully.
For this to be achieved one must be conscious of the lifestyle he/she is living. The first tip on the list is the food one eat. The food must be balanced diet that is free from unwholesome substances that are detrimental to the body functioning. There is need to avoid foods ladened with trans fats, fried foods, processed foods, etc. Let you diet be rich in vegetables and fruits, and ensure you drink plenty of water instead of carbonated or soda drinks.
Another important tip is avoidance of use of tobacco and heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages. Drugs such as Marijuana and every other mood altering substances should be avoided.

Lastly, exercise is should be part of the routine one engages in regularly if one really wants to age gracefully.
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I totally agree with you, if you avoid excessive smoking and drinking it will be really helpful. It good to stay from toxins. 
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Well, in my opinion aging gracefully can only be possible when you have actually achieved all your dreams and aspirations because without them, it's definitely going to be almost impossible for you to have peace and age gracefully.
We all have what we set out to accomplish in our lives and we do almost every thing within our power and might to achieve this goals and aspirations. Some people seek fortune and wealth, so they get into all sorts of investments in order to make a decent amount of money that would have them be happy in their lifetime.
While some people are actually only after acquiring popularity and being very famous. By so doing, they would be willing to reach any extent as long as it helps them gain the popularity they seek and become famous.
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Well, we just have to work toward our goals that way life would be alot easy for us to get there.whichever was our goals
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I think when people hear "age with grace", their minds completely dashes to looking much younger and maintained than your actual age. I'm not sure if I can call it a misconception or just another interpretation.

I like to go more with the idea that aging with grace merely means embracing yourself as you grow older. It means accepting everything as you are and wearing the age like a diamond necklace. I think that people who have taken so much from life and are still going on strong have earned that term.

So generally, a person who accepts himself and life as it is, learns how to use everything to their advantage and earn all the respect is one who ages gracefully. Life has ups and downs and when we learn to move through the hurdles in confidence as we grow, we can call that grace.
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Yea, life never comes at a platter of gold. So we must work through it to get there and try aging gradually. 
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The world we live is not permanent, so we are. We were born in this world for some reasons and for purpose. We came into this world as innocent as a new baby born, don't know what the world is and what it can be done to harm. We grow day by day until we realize what is life and what it ought to be. And then our life is not permanent, we grow old and we vanished. Did we live the life we wanted to be? Are we happy when we were alive? If you want to grow old and never regret anything, that you are satisfied with your life, if you live happily. Then maybe you are growing gracefully. I remember my grandma, she was happy with our grandpa but grandpa died early and she never got married after that. But I can see in her that she is very happy and just enjoying life. I am sure she was happy when she was gone so she could be with our grandpa, and I have dreamed about that. When you are happy with what you have and live what you could live, show your love ones that you love them and be happy.
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People aged fast when the worry alot especially with what they can't seem to get. Living a simple life can worth all the trouble we may faced.
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What is important for us to understand when we are talking about aging gracefully is the need for us to live in a happy way. I have taken a look at life and realized that there is life that we should live that will make other smile. This is the thing that has been making us enjoy life. For instance, I don't even have time for keep grudges with people and this has been the source of my happiness.

Ever since I was a kid till now that I am old enough to take some useful basic decisions, I have done a whole lot to ensure that I remain in harmony especially with those that are there to stay up with me. I see people that will always look out for faults in others and I have to say that this is not the best way to live life. Life should be lived in a way that we adjust and accommodate the other person in love and peace.
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Living in love can really make one aged gracefully because love beautify ones soul and spirit and even it to others. 

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