If you have been making a $100 monthly online how do you intend to increase that by at least 40% next year?
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There are many means in which I will earn a living next year. Tutoring in the sciences to the many who need their knowledge enhanced is one means. Writing articles for an array of media platforms that pay for content also has interest for me. I will continue to publish e-books, mostly self-help variety, will further provide income. I enjoy answering questions about health care and will seek a platform that allows me to perform this task.Several ventures with my family may throw me some income as well. I would prefer practicing medicine but to do so would require an enormous amount of money to fight the local ---- who want to keep me out od practice. In regards to money I found working for yourself self satisfying yet very difficult. These are personal considerations which go beyond the scope of this question. Thank you for allowing me to respond.
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How to increase your income quickly.


Drive for Uber or Lyft.


Answer professional questions.


Sell used items online.


Conduct a webinar.


Build a simple sales funnel.


Do social media marketing for businesses.


Start up a side hustle business.
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The pandemic is affecting all the people and countries' economies. It will be difficult for topping $100 up on a monthly basis. 40% is not feasible for some local people to earn it.
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