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Beamers are awesome cars. I wonder why the company not providing a spare tyre with these expensive ones. A cost cutting ?!!!

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It's not cost cutting. Lol.
BMWs are running on a run flat tyre. Even if it gets puncture these tyres can run about hundred or more miles and can handle a speed beyond fifty plus miles per hour. So it's practically impossible to cause a breakdown due to tyre failure. That's why they don't keep an extra tyre. Added to these they don't want that additional weight in the vehicle. The company can also boastfully say that we don't carry a spare wheel.
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First off the car manufacturer doesn't design the trunk space to hold a spare tire. But instead will use a brand of tires on their car called Run-Flat tires. These tires are designed to run up to 150 miles on a flat. In 2013 BMW started to eliminate the need for a spare tire when they started to use the Run-Flat tires on all their models.

BMW is not the only car on the road that doesn't have a spare tire. In the United States, over 30 million vehicles on the road don't have a spare tire. Back in 2006 over 1/3 of new cars produced that year didn't come with a spare tire. The decision was made by car manufacturers to eliminate the need for a spare tire to make cars lighter so they could meet the new fuel efficiency standards.

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