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I love loaves alot and I always love to try any recipe I come across because as we all know varieties is the spice of life, we need to spice up our breakfast table because I know alot of people like eating loaves for breakfast. So I will have to try the recipe for pumpkin bread out.
I just checked it out now and I like the fact that we can prepare it as fast as possible and it's condiments are readily available in the stores. One just need pumpkin puree, eggs, oil , water and sugar and mix all together still well blended and turn into the pan and baked for just 50 minutes and it done.

Pumpkin bread is nutritious and has loads of fiber and low calories. I think even those that needs to lose weight can eat pumpkin bread but in moderation.
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I just bought pumpkin bread at supermarket because it has sunflower seed in it.
What is pumpkin bread? 

I heard this for the first time....

Please tell me something about it.
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I love to try out new recipes all the time, i have lots of fun, but i have never tried to cook food that i don't eat. Pumpkin is one of the foods i do not enjoy eating. The taste makes me feel like throwing up! I think everyone eats pumpkin except me, so when they cook it at home i always try to find an alternative i find it yuck. I don't know, maybe since its being baked i could try it out i probably wouldn't taste it in the dough. I have seen people boil it with Irish potatoes then mash it altogether now that's hard for me to eat for sure because i will taste the pumpkin. So long as its not tasting i will try it. Though i hear pumpkins have many benefits, if i had my way i would feed it more to the kids other than myself. I guess they need it more than i do right?
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You must try the bread, there is no try in trying to taste different food  that you will enjoy in the end.
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Although I have not tried this pumpkin bread out, but I am a lover of bread in general, be it white or brown breads, or even coconut bread, too. I guess why I have not eaten this bread is as a result of it not popular at this side of the world I find myself, because if it were, there wouldn't have been anything that would've stopped me from giving it a try. Mark you that there is not food I don't eat as long as it's nutritious.
From the name itself, I can presume that it must be sumptious and delicious. With the knowledge I have about pumpkin, it highly packed with essential minerals that help in the overall functioning of the body. Some of the minerals that the eaters of this bread are going to be benefiting are iron. Iron is an important mineral that many people don't used to eat enough of. Iron is vital in the formation of red blood cells. And deficiency of it leads to anemia.
Other minerals that are in trace amounts whether in pumpkin leaf or seed or any of its derivatives like pumpkin bread are calcium, potassium, iodine, etc.
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The coconut bread is yum, sometimes I made coconut bread, I missed it out from our local bakery in my country.
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No, pumpkin is not the flavour I like to eat. The best flavour in case of breads is the garlic bread. I usually like to eat the garlic bread only. I don't like the pumpkin bread because of its sweetness in the taste.
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I also don't like pumpkin... 

And I really don't know about pumpkin bread..
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I have not tasted pumpkin bread but I know it must be tasty. I have eaten pumpkin whole that is boiled and also mixed with other foods such as beans it's a healthy meal that I would recommend to anyone 
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